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What is the Guardian Advanced Alcohol Monitor Device?

How Does the Guardian AMS2000 Work?

How Do I use the AMS2000?

How Much Does the AMS2000?

What if the Device Fails?

Will I be able to have a glass of wine at dinner?

Will the AMS2000 Detect Anything Other Than Alcohol?

How Do I Get Started?

How will I Know When My Appointments are scheduled?

Will Anyone Notice the AMS2000?

How will I Get the Information to the State?

What Happens When My Restriction is Up?

Go Driver ProgramWhat is the Guardian Advanced Alcohol Monitor Device?

The Guardian Advanced Alcohol Monitoring Device is a state of the art, alcohol specific ignition interlock.  This device is the culmination of over 20 years of ignition interlock experience.

Go Driver ProgramHow Does the Guardian AMS2000 Work?

Simply, we will install the AMS2000 into the vehicle through the electrical system.  When the device, through a simple breath test, detects more than a predetermined level of alcohol the car will not start.

Go Driver ProgramHow Do I Use the AMS2000?

Starting The Car

    1. Get in car and put seatbelt on
    3. Push button on AMS 2000
    4. Wait for messages: "warmup", "blow now"
    5. Blow into mouthpiece as directed in your manual
    6. The device will go through its detection cycle
    7. If BAC is low enough, LED will say "pass", "start car"
    8. Put keys in ignition
    9. Start vehicle

Rolling Retest

    1. Unit beeps and says, “rolling retest”
    2. Be aware of your surroundings to ensure a safely taken test, if you cannot take the test safely you   have a period of time to pull over to do so
    3. Pick up hand-held unit
    4. Wait for messages – “blow now”
    5. Blow into mouth piece for 5 or 6 seconds until unit beeps
    6. Wait for a distinguishable sound and If BAC is low enough, LED will say “pass”
    7. Continue driving

Turning Off The Car

    1. Park car
    2. Turn the ignition off
    3. Wait for the prompt "OK TO UNPLUG"

Go Driver ProgramHow Much Does the AMS2000 Cost?

We realize that a DUI/DWI can be extremely expensive, that is why we have made an effort to control costs limit the amount you will pay.  The cost is on average 2 dollars per day.

Go Driver ProgramWhat If the Device Fails?

In the unlikely event our device fails, we have a system in place that allows you to contact our store personnel with any question or concern.  You can reach us always at our national number, 800-499-0994. This number will automatically route you to your nearest care center or our operator will give you the closest location.  Most service related issues can be resolved over the phone, in rare instances that our device has interrupted its service; we will have a new device in your vehicle within 24 hrs.

Go Driver ProgramWill I be able to have a glass of wine at dinner?

In most states, the answer is no. Remember this device is preventing the participant from DUI/DWI.  There are federal and state mandates that the device detect a predetermined level of alcohol.  This level is significantly less than the legal limit on DUI/DWI.  Since body types, metabolisms, and appetites are different for all people our suggestion is that if you have any alcohol at any point, LET SOMEONE ELSE DRIVE.  All events are recorded and if your adjudication states that no alcohol can be present on your monitoring reports, the device will detect the smallest amounts.

Go Driver ProgramWill the AMS2000 Detect Anything Other Than Alcohol?

This is the latest technology in the ignition interlock industry and it is alcohol specific.  This means that if there is alcohol in your mouthwash, toothpaste, or gum it will detect it.  Our service personnel will be able to train you on the most common alcohol related products.

Go Driver ProgramHow Do I Get Started?

Just call 800-499-0994 and you will automatically be connected with our national call center, serving english and spanish customers. They will set up an appointment, usually within 24 hrs, and take your information.  If you are out of our area the 800 number will connect you to our operator.  We will then get you the information to the nearest location.

When you arrive for your appointment please bring all pertinent information such as restriction requirements, court documents, and or Motor vehicle requirements.  Remember, if you don’t have you license reinstated, you will not be able to drive your car out of our shop.  If need be, bring someone with you.

Installation time is on average one hour.  We will have training videos, pamphlets and simulators ready for your use.

Go Driver ProgramHow will I Know When My Appointments are scheduled?

All of our reports including the installation and monitor reports have the next scheduled time and date.  The AMS2000 will also display a countdown to your next service day.  If you need a reminder though, always call 800-499-0994 and our technician can retrieve that information for you.

Go Driver ProgramWill Anyone Notice the AMS2000?

The device is similar in size and shape to a large cellular phone.  Our installation technicians have the ability to put most of the device in the dash.  Our design includes the ability to disconnect the handset and conveniently store it in a desk, or overnight.

Go Driver ProgramHow will I Get the Information to the State?

Our information including installation, monitoring, and removal reports all are stored on a central data base.  Most states require that we supply this information on a regular basis. You will always have a copy of whatever service that was done.  Remember all events are logged and we are required by law to inform the agency that has suspended your license of any violation.

Go Driver ProgramWhat Happens When My Restriction is Up?

The reinstatement of your license varies by state and county, we suggest check with the person or agency that restricted your license at first.  Our process is simple, on your last monitor appointment be prepared to make an appointment and just come in and we will remove the device and hand you your completion report.  At this time we will thank you and wish you good luck and safe driving in the future.


























































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