Will You Shed Blood To Fight Driving While Intoxicated?

driving while intoxicatedNo matter how many campaigns and laws are publicized or passed, there are still people who choose to get behind the wheel and drive while intoxicated (DWI). Although there are thousands of people working to end drunk driving every day, it really can be compared to waging war. And like any war, this war involves heavy fatalities, pain, and suffering to those involved in DWI crashes.

To try to make some headway in this war against drunk driving, a Department of Corrections Secretary in New Mexico is asking residents to ‘shed their blood’ to bring attention to victims of those who drive while intoxicated. Although shedding blood sounds kind of extreme, he means donating blood via a blood drive run by local law enforcement.

Secretary Gregg Marcantel thought up the blood drive after viewing the mangled vehicle of a State Patrol Officer who was the victim of a DWI crash. Although the officer lived, he needed a blood donation to survive his injuries.

The general consensus on blood drives is that they make people uncomfortable, and excuses for not donating blood include a fear of needles, the thought that their blood isn’t ‘rich’ enough, or that blood isn’t needed simply because other people are donating. Asking people to put themselves in an uncomfortable position in order to save lives caused by DWI can send a powerful message to those who might consider drinking and driving.

DWI statistics show that New Mexico has 500 people in prison for DWI-related crimes, and 100 of those are in jail because they caused vehicular homicide or great bodily harm to their victims. But driving while intoxicated related crashes are dropping in the state, with only 133 fatal crashes last year. That number is down 14% from 2012, and that’s good news for the war against drunk driving.

If you’re in New Mexico you can shed blood in the effort to fight DWI by donating to your local blood clinic.

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