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At Guardian Interlock we have been working with defense attorneys for more than 20 years, helping them get their clients back on the road safely and legally. We are well-versed in helping you guide clients through the maze of state issues related to interlocking services, all the while respecting their privacy and dignity.

This video provides a thorough introduction to ignition interlocks and their operation. You can also order a free DVD version for your clients.

An Industry Leader You Can Trust

Guardian Interlock has been the leading manufacturer of quality ignition interlocks for over 20 years. We’re approved in 26 states and have an excellent program that ensures both your client and the monitoring authorities have what they need.

Discounts Available

Guardian understands the financial challenges of getting a DUI. We are consistently the low-cost leader, and we can also provide you with installation and/or monitoring savings coupons.

Everything you need:

  • In-office brochures explaining the interlock installation and monitoring process to clients
  • A toll-free 800 number for clients (and you) to call for answers to any questions about our devices, their installation, monitoring or payment
  • Money-saving special pricing for your clients
  • Online interlock-related content for your website, as well as links to time-and money-saving deals
  • Priority scheduling with our certified technicians to get your clients back on the road quickly

Interested in helping your clients with their interlock requirement in the fastest and most direct way? Simply call 800-499-0994 to speak to one of our DUI Attorney Specialists.

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