Recovery Counselors

GuardianVideoStillFor more than 20 years, Guardian Interlock has been supporting recovery counselors’ and education professionals’ efforts to help clients regain control of their lives through the use of an interlock device.  We work with you and your clients on a confidential basis that addresses their legal needs while respecting their privacy and dignity.

This video provides a thorough introduction to ignition interlocks and their operation. You can also order a free DVD version for your clients.

Guardian Provides Recovery Counselors with the Following:

  • Educational materials to you and your clients that provide an understanding of interlock devices and their ease and effectiveness
  • In-office brochures to help clients understand the interlock installation and monitoring process.
  • A toll-free 800 number for clients (or you) to call to answer any questions you have about our interlock devices and requirements
  • Special discounts for your clients
  • Content for your website to enhance your client’s understanding of interlock devices and links to discount coupons
  • Priority scheduling with our certified technicians to get your clients back on the road legally and safely

Interested? Simply call 1-800-499-0994 to speak to one of our Recovery Counselor Specialists.

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