California’s Hot List Targets the
Worst of the Worst: Repeat DUIs

With so many cars and so many drivers, California has to take drunk driving seriously. Recently a new program called Hot List is using information to battle one of the most persistent scourges of the roadways.

The target: repeat DUI offenders.

DUI targeted by California DMV hot list The California DMV runs the program, which provides law enforcement agencies with information on multiple DUI offenders whose licenses have recently suspended or revoked. These are the drivers who, judging from past experience, are most likely to re-offend.

How likely? The startling news is that about 75% of suspended drivers with suspended and revoked licenses continue to drive, so it’s important that both the police and the DMV have updated information.

The DMV provides police with information on repeat offenders who have recently been suspended, and the police, in turn, update the DMV’s information twice a month. Newer data means police are better equipped to find drivers who are driving on suspended licenses, and also recognize drivers who have recently regained driving privileges.

In fighting DUIs, laws are one part of the solution. Enforcement is the other. Too many drunk drivers continue to get behind the wheel despite suspensions, because police can’t be everywhere enforcing every suspension. Ignition Interlocks are one way that states are fighting back. California’s Hot List is another program with great potential for saving lives on the road.

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