These Apps Could Stop You From Drinking And Driving

apps to prevent drinking and drivingThat smartphone you constantly hold in your hand is a lot more powerful than you might think. You may only use it for photos, talking, texting, and social media, but did you know it can stop you from drinking and driving?

Some of your favorite apps could be Candy Crush and SnapChat , but there are a few others you should add to your phone to make sure you never make the decision to get behind the wheel while drunk. No, they can’t tell you exactly how drunk you are when you’ve had a few beers, but they can provide information and find you a safe ride home.


How can an app tell you how drunk you are? It’s simple science: just enter your gender and weight into the ENDUI app and start inputting the drinks you’ve had. Just like a calorie counter estimates how many calories you have left to eat by the food you enter, ENDUI estimates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and lets you know when you’ll be nearing the .08 legal limit. When you hit that limit, ENDUI warns you not to drive.

A good thing to remember when using an app like ENDUI: driving buzzed, also known as driving under .08, can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Everyone is affected differently by alcohol, so although ENDUI is a good tool to stay on top of your drinks, you shouldn’t assume you’re safe to drive after any amount of alcohol.

Drink Tracker

Binge drinking is a real problem in the United States, and Drink Tracker wants to help stop it. You input the drinks you’re having and it keeps you aware in real time that you’re headed for a blackout or getting out of control. You have to be the one to stop while your drinking, but Drink Tracker could help you make the right choice and say no to that last beer.


Uber has put ride sharing on the map, and this is one app that can save your life if you’re far too wasted to figure out how to get home. Just open up the Uber app, contact a driver, and you’ll be home safe and sound.

These apps might not be as fun as you’re favorite games, but downloading them could mean you make the right choice by saying no to drinking and driving.That makes them the best apps on your phone.

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