Drunk Driving Myths You Need To Know About

Myth Lock Ness MonsterThere are a lot of reasons why people make the decision to drink and drive. They might think they aren’t that intoxicated, so getting behind the wheel is no big deal. Or, they don’t think the laws apply to them, so why would they get stopped for driving under the influence (DUI)?

But one of the biggest reasons why people drive drunk is because they buy into drunk driving myths. These myths are widely held beliefs that most people take as fact, but the reality is that they just aren’t true.

Need an example? Here are 5 drunk driving myths:

Myth: Drinking coffee or having an ice cold shower will sober me up

Fact: The only way to get sober after drinking is by giving your body time to metabolize the alcohol. On average, you need approximately 2 hours to metabolize one standard alcohol drink.

Myth: When it comes to penalties, it’s better to not submit to a breathalyzer

Fact: Most states have what’s called an ‘Implied Consent’ law. That means by accepting a drivers license in your state, you agree to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test if a police officer suspects you of drinking and driving. If you refuse to submit to the breathalyzer, you could receive an additional charge and still lose your drivers license or be required to install an ignition interlock device.

Myth: Hyperventilating before you submit to a breathalyzer will affect your results and give you a lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

Fact: It’s impossible to alter the reading of a breathalyzer by breathing in a different way, just like hyperventilating before you breath into an ignition interlock will affect whether you pass or fail.

Myth: After I sleep off the alcohol, I’ll be OK to drive

Fact: If you drink approximately 5 drinks all in a row and you fall asleep for 5 hours, when you wake up you would most likely still blow over the legal limit on a breathalyzer. Why? You’d have to wait 10 hours to fully metabolize 5 alcohol drinks, so going to sleep is no guarantee you won’t be drunk when you wake up.

Myth: When you’re convicted of drunk driving, you only have to pay a fine and that’s it

Fact: A DUI conviction can cost you a lot more than just a fine. Along with the fine you will pay court fees, drivers license reinstatement fees, and if required, ignition interlock installation and monthly fees.

There’s no good excuse or reason to drink and drive, so stay sober when you’re behind the wheel.

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