DUI in Colorado: What is “Per Se” and “Implied Consent”?

If you have been arrested for DUI in Colorado, license sanctions take effect immediately after you register a blood alcohol concentration in excess of .08.   This is known as a per se law, and it means that even if you have not yet been convicted of a drunk driving offense in court, the Colorado Department of Revenue (the state agency in charge of driver’s licenses) will take action regarding your ability to drive legally.  The reading of .08 is enough to consider the driver impaired.

Implied consent means that if you accept a driver’s license from the state, you have given consent to a blood alcohol measurement if a law enforcement officer reasonably suspects you are driving under the influence.  If you refuse a chemical test after being asked to take one, the implied consent law means that the Colorado Department of Revenue can suspend your license for one year, regardless of if you are ultimately convicted of DUI or not.   

The detailed, official state information on Colorado DUI law and interlock restricted licenses can be found here.     

At Guardian Interlock, we can help you with early license reinstatement by installing an ignition interlock.  Once you install an interlock and meet other requirements for a restricted license, you can continue to drive safely and legally, keeping in compliance with State Laws.  Get your life back on track and back on the road after your drunk driving arrest.  

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