Ignition Interlock Device Vs Cabs

ignition interlock vs cabsWhen you receive a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, you may feel as though you’ve been blindsided from all angles. The psychological impact can be difficult to manage, and you may feel everything from anger at yourself for making the decision to drink and drive to anger at the police and court system for holding you accountable to that decision.

Another portion of a DUI conviction that can make a huge impact on your life is financial. From fines to driver’s license reinstatement fees, you’ll be out of pocket for a lot of money, and many states require you to pay a monthly fee for an ignition interlock device in order to get your driver’s license back.

Some people consider taking cabs for the duration of a driver’s license suspension instead of installing an ignition interlock, all because they feel the cost is too high. But consider this: an ignition interlock device may come with monthly fees, but it’s significantly cheaper and more convenient than taking a cab or bus everywhere.

With an ignition interlock device installed, you’re free to continue driving your vehicle to work, to the doctor, with your family, or anywhere you need to go. If you drive for work, you won’t have to explain why you can no longer drive a vehicle. It’s easy to use too – just provide a clean, alcohol-free breath sample, and you can drive normally.

When you rely on cabs and buses, you’re at the whim of their schedule. Unless you have a very diligent cab driver or bus driver who knows your exact schedule, you’ll be forced to wait and be late. The cost of taking a cab is high too. Most cabs charge a flat rate just for picking you up, and the dollars tick off on the meter with every passing mile.

Monthly fees for your ignition interlock device won’t look so high when you stack them up against the time and inconvenience of cabs and buses. Take a look at how Guardian Interlock can get you back on the road quickly by watching this short video.

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