Life After A DUI In Utah

DUI-UtahWhen you’ve just received your first driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, life can seem a little grim. Depending on the state you’re in and whether or not you’re a first time or repeat offender, penalties can be either fairly light or really harsh. Utah is a state that walks a fine line between these two extremes—they don’t require ignition interlock programs required for first offenders but they do send you to jail.

Life after a DUI in Utah

A DUI can happen at any time on any road in Utah, and that’s because sobriety checkpoints are legal in the state. If you happen to see those lights flashing in your rear view mirror and you’ve had a few to drink, you better be prepared to submit to a breathalyzer test or pay a hefty price. A single refusal will net you an 18-month driver’s license suspension.

Even if you’re just a first time DUI offender in Utah, be prepared to go to jail. Utah’s DUI laws set jail time at a minimum of 48 hours. Once you’re out of jail, you’ll need to appear in court. That’s when that DUI of yours can get a little expensive.

Fines start at a minimum of $700, and you’ll also have to pay license reinstatement fees when you finally get your driver’s license back after a 120-day suspension. Just think of all the buses, cabs, and friends you’ll have to also have to pay to take you places during your driver’s license suspension,

Although you’re not required by law to install an ignition interlock if you’re a first time DUI offender in Utah, second time and subsequent offenders are. First time offenders are also required to attend a drug or alcohol screening program and you may be required to attend an educational series relating to drugs, alcohol, or both.

Does the DUI punishment fit the crime in Utah? You might not think when you’re on the wrong side of a judge’s bench, so if you don’t want to find out what life is like after a DUI in Utah, don’t drink and drive.

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