The Best Anti- Drunk Driving PSAs From Across The Pond

Like tinsel and twinkly lights, drinking and driving public service announcements (PSAs) start making their appearance around Christmas time and they stick around through the New Year. It’s because of holiday drinking drivers that this time of year, and it’s the goal of law enforcement and other organizations to ensure the public knows that through video, audio, and image PSAs.

There are a lot of great PSAs created in the United States, but if you want an example of a PSA that captures your attention, just take a look at a few of these from across the pond. They get right to the point, and they do it in such a witty way you can’t help but get the message.

Christmas Crackers

drinking and driving PSA

We’ve all heard of Christmas Crackers. They were first created way back in the 1800’s by a UK man who wanted kids to be able to to open their treats with a bang, but this isn’t a holiday cracker anyone will want to open.

If you’re drunk driving, be aware of Christmas Presence


Christmas is a time of year for holiday parties, gift giving, and if statistics are any indication, drinking and driving. Local police want you to know that they’ve stepped up patrols all over the United States to crack down on people who are drunk driving, and this UK PSA is a great reminder of that.

Will you be the drunk driver who crashes into Santa?


When you’re drunk driving, that person you crash into could be anyone. From the father of a family of 6 to someone’s grandmother, anyone, even Santa, has the potential to be an innocent victim when you make the decision to drink and drive.

The best PSAs are those that make you stop and think, and these drunk driving PSAs from the UK are great examples of effective holiday reminders to not drink and drive.

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