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I received a fail on my device but I have not consumed any alcoholic beverages:

Ignition interlocks are extremely sensitive to anything containing alcohol and do not distinguish between an alcoholic beverage and other products containing various amounts of alcohol. Any substance with alcohol or ethanol derivatives will be recognized and recorded by the ignition interlock. Such substances can cause BAC FAILS and WARNS. To avoid this, refrain from eating or drinking prior to testing. We suggest keeping a bottle of water in your vehicle with you so you can rinse your mouth out prior to testing

I received a fail on my device. Will I lose my license?

The consequences for failed tests vary by state. Please contact your monitoring authority for more information.

Should I go to my appointment if I can’t pay my balance?

Service appointments are very important as they are required by your monitoring authority. If you don’t appear for your regularly scheduled appointment your device will go into LOCKOUT prohibiting you from driving your vehicle. If you are having financial difficulty, call us at 844-540-0601 to make arrangements BEFORE going to your appointment.

What happens if my car needs repairs?

If your vehicle needs an oil change or other routine service, nothing special needs to be done. If the power to your interlock device needs to be disconnected during the service, your mechanic will need to obtain documentation BEFORE working on your vehicle. Contact us at 844-540-0601 for more information on how to obtain the documentation.

Can I disconnect the vehicle battery?

Since all power disconnects are documented and reported call us at 844-540-0601 before disconnecting your battery so we can advise you about your jurisdiction’s regulations.

What happens during a routine service appointment?

Your device is inspected and calibrated. Service appointments are very important as they are required by your monitoring authority. Several days prior to a service appointment, the service light on the device starts flashing as a reminder of an upcoming appointment. Also, for several days following the scheduled date the service light will remain steady and a tone will sound as an overdue indication. If you fail to return to the service center within this time frame the interlock device will go into permanent SERVICE LOCKOUT mode and you will not be able to start your vehicle. You would then need to tow your vehicle to the service center at your expense.

What do I do if I need to reschedule my service appointment?

Please call us at 844-540-0601 to reschedule as soon as possible and at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours before an appointment or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged a missed appointment fee. If you do not show up for service by your service date, your vehicle will go into permanent SERVICE LOCKOUT mode and you will need to have your vehicle towed to the service location.

Will the interlock turn off my engine?

No. The interlock will never turn off a running vehicle. If a running retest is missed the horn will sound, a violation will be recorded and you will have to come in for an early service appointment.

What is a running retest?

After you have successfully started your vehicle, interlocks randomly ask for additional tests while the engine is running. If the retest is not taken or failed, the unit will log a RETEST VIOLATION and the horn will honk until the vehicle is turned off.

What if my vehicle stalls?

If your vehicle stalls or is turned off you will see a message on the device screen that says ENGINE STALL PROTECT. Depending on your jurisdiction you will have 2-5 minutes to restart your vehicle without taking a test.

The display on my device says TEMPORARY LOCKOUT

If the LOCKOUT light is displayed, your vehicle will temporarily not operate because of too many fails or aborts. This temporary lockout will last for 2-5 minutes. When the message is cleared from your device, you will be able to retest.

The display on my device says LOCKOUT STARTS ON followed by a date.

This tells you the date and time your device will go into LOCKOUT if it isn’t serviced.

My device is taking a long time to warm up.

The WARMUP screen will count down the time until the device is ready for you to take a test. Typically, the device will warm up in a matter of seconds. During periods of extreme cold the device may take up to 3 minutes to warm up. You can program the device to automatically power up and be ready to test when you get into your vehicle. For more details on how to program warm up times, see page 10 of the user guide.

The screen on my device says LOW BATTERY

Your vehicle’s battery is low. Charge or replace the battery to ensure the device continues to work correctly. Ignition interlock devices operate off your vehicle’s electrical system. Be sure to maintain proper water levels in your battery and keep the terminal connections clean and free of corrosion. Weak batteries are the primary cause of problems that can result in EARLY RECALL SERVICE and unscheduled visits to the service provider at your expense. If your car battery is weak or old, call us at 844-540-0601 before disconnecting or replacing it. All power disconnects are documented and reported. We can advise you on your jurisdiction’s regulations.

The screen says ABORT.

The device was unable to analyze your breath sample. There are a number of things that can cause an abort such as blowing too hard, blowing too softly, not blowing long enough or not humming properly. The device will present you with another screen detailing what the issue was.

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