California DUI State Laws

californiaCalifornia DUI Laws

    • Starting January 1, 2019, individuals arrested for a DUI can have an ignition interlock installed immediately after arrest and have unlimited driving privileges while their regular license is suspended. SB1046 eliminates the time a person must have a suspended license before he or she is able to apply for a restricted license —a driver can apply for a restricted license before conviction after installing interlock and meeting other requirements without completing their license suspension or revocation period.
    •  There are four steps to get a driver’s license reinstated after a DUI: steps two through four can be accomplished in just one day after the DMV has obtained notification from a treatment facility of choice. 
      1. Contact Guardian to quickly enroll to install an interlock. Our state experts will walk you through the process and send immediate notification of installation directly to the DMV.
      2. Enroll in a treatment program. Once you’ve found a suitable alcohol addiction treatment program, the program or facility will send notice of your participation to the DMV.
      3. Obtain an SR22 certificate. An SR22, also known as proof of insurance, needs to be sent to the DMV after a DUI arrest.
      4. Visit the DMV. Once you’ve completed the previous three steps, you can get your license reinstated by visiting the DMV and paying the associated fees.
    • You can have an interlock installed in the first days after arrest while you have a temporary license.  This gives you full unrestricted driving privileges for the duration of your suspension.  The alternative for first-timers is a to have a temporary license for 30 days, then serve a 30-day hard suspension without any driving privileges, and then request a 12-month restricted license that allows you to get to and from work.  This is not helpful for people who need to use their cars, because they will be unlicensed to drive during the mandatory 30-day hard suspension. This restricted “to/from” license also is not useful for people who may want to use their vehicles to drive somewhere other than to work, school or their treatment program.Second and third-time offenders can immediately install the interlock to maintain driving privileges without having to serve a DMV administrative hard suspension. All offenders can avoid an interruption in their driving privileges both pre and post-conviction with the installation of an interlock.

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