Michigan License Recovery

Michigan law requires a mandatory 6-month driver’s license suspension, even for a first conviction. That period increases to 1 year with a BAC level of .17 or higher. You can apply to have driving privileges restored by the Michigan Driver Appeal and Assessment Division (DAAD) of the Michigan Secretary of State, provided your petition with the DAAD is successful. In that case, if you were convicted with a BAC level between .08 and .17 you may be ordered to have Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device [BAIID] installed on any vehicle you own or intend to drive.

Steps to Obtaining a Restricted Driver’s License During Your Suspension:

  • Make an appeal to DAAD for driver’s license restoration, and submit required documentation including a substance abuse evaluation from a recognized professional, a written report of any treatment, diagnoses or relapses, a urinalysis drug test, as well as documented support of your sobriety.
  • Once you have been granted driving privileges, call an authorized ignition interlock provider and make an appointment to have an ignition interlock installed.  Once your interlock is installed, the installer will give you a certificate confirming the installation.
  • If your gross income for the previous tax year was less than 150% of the current poverty guidelines of the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, you could qualify for a reduced fee (maximum of $2 per day). Ask your BAIID vendor for more information.
  • Present proof of installation to a local Secretary of State branch office.
  • Once your ignition interlock is installed, you must come in for regular monitoring. This is essential for proper maintenance of the program as well as a condition for keeping your restricted license.
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