Pennsylvania License Recovery

Steps to Getting Your Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver’s License:

  • Serve your required suspension time.
  • 30 days before you are eligible for driver’s license restoration, PennDOT’s Bureau of Driver Licensing will mail you a Restoration Requirement Letter. This letter tells you how to apply for an Ignition Interlock License, and will include a list of ignition interlock service providers. It will also include the application. Complete all obligations in the instructions and fill out and return the license application with the required fees to the Bureau of Driver Licensing. This must be done even if you do not own a vehicle.
  • Complete the PennDOT DL 21SC form (Self-Certification of Vehicle(s) Owned/Operated) form, listing all motor vehicles owned, registered, or leased in their name. You can download, fill in, save, and print out the form here.
  • Make an appointment to have your ignition interlock installed by calling toll-free 800-499-0994.
  • Bring the Restoration Requirement Letter, the completed DL 21SC form, proof of vehicle(s) insurance, and the vehicle(s) registration to the interlock provider. NOTE: since your driving privileges have not yet been restored, you must arrange for another driver to bring the vehicle to the interlock provider.
  • The interlock provider will send the necessary paperwork to PENNDOT, who will then issue you an Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver’s License. You will either be mailed your license or if a new photo is required, you will be mailed a camera card with instructions directing you to a Driver’s Licensing Center to have a new photo taken.

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