The Breathalyzer Hits The Red Carpet

Personal breathalyzers have been making news over the past year. They’ve shown up everywhere from high school proms to house parties when people want to make sure their guests don’t drink and drive, so it’s no surprise that the personal breathalyzer has arrived on the red carpet during awards season in Los Angeles.

One news crew pulled out their portable breathalyzers and asked celebrities to blow and test out their blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and the results are not what you might expect.


You can bet if the breathalyzer has hit the red carpet, you’re going to start seeing them everywhere, and portable breathalyzers like the BACtrack have become a must-have device because they’re quick and easy to use. It’s designed with fuel-cell technology in the same way police grade breathalyzers and ignition interlock devices are, and you’ll find that a portable breathalyzer like the BACtrack is a good tool to use if you’re curious as to how much alcohol you’ve consumed or whether someone you know has had too much to drink.

The downside of portable breathalyzers is that they give a false sense of confidence. You might be well under the legal limit according to your personal breathalyzer, but that reading might give someone the motivation to pick up their car keys and get behind the wheel.

We can’t all be driven around in a limo like the celebrities who used the breathalyzer on the red carpet, so although it can be considered fun to see how high your BAC is, you shouldn’t use a personal breathalyzer to ever determine whether or not you should drive. Driving after drinking any amount of alcohol is dangerous, and whether you’re drinking at a friend’s house or a red carpet event, your best option is to always contact a sober driver or call a cab.

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