DUI: All Day, Every Day, Everywhere

k-driving-across-united-statesYou hear about driving under the influence (DUI) stories on TV, the Internet, or in your daily newspaper all the time, but some people don’t think drunk driving is that big of a problem. If that sounds like you, you need to take a look at some of these DUI arrests from across the country. Every single day you drive on roads with people just like this.


You’d think a man with five DUI convictions and a suspended drivers license would realize that drinking and driving was a bad idea, but California State Patrol just arrested a man for his 6th DUI after he was driving 70mph in a 55mph zone. He even had open alcohol in the front seat of the vehicle.


She’s only 40 years old, but one woman from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is on her 6th DUI conviction. When she was stopped at a DUI checkpoint she was found to be driving with a .205 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and was visibly intoxicated. She’s been sentenced to jail for one to two years in accordance with Pennsylvania’s DUI laws, and she’ll also lose her drivers license for 18 months.


One website called this Colorado offender the ‘Schmuck of the Week.’ After he was pulled over on a traffic stop, one man admitted to smoking marijuana and taking a shot of alcohol. Although he appeared intoxicated, his blood alcohol concentration was only .02. He was booked for driving under the influence of drugs and released to a sober friend.

The friend must have left him to his own devices, because just over an hour later Aspen police saw the same man driving erratically and too slowly on the road. He was stopped and arrested again on the same charges.

The next time you don’t think drunk driving is a problem, think again: it’s hard to imagine that the person in the car next to you could be drunk, but people just like these are making the choice to drive after drinking every day in every corner of the country.

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