DUI Technology – Smartphone Breathalyzers

breathometerThe increased crackdown on drunk drivers has given rise to a plethora of new mobile phone apps to help drinkers avoid being arrested. These apps come with a range of features. Some helping you measure or estimate your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) to see if it is within legal limits. Some help you find out where DUI checkpoints are being held. Some outline the laws and give you the ability to record being pulled over as well as notify a DUI attorney in the event you are arrested. Some connect you with designated driver services.

Smartphone Breathalyzers

A new breed of gadgets that you can attach to your mobile phone include actual breathalyzers. These devices take readings of your breath to determine BAC.

One smartphone breathalyzer is called the Breathometer™. This device clips into your audio jack and works in conjunction with the Breathometer app. When prompted by the app, you “take a deep breath and whistle blow for 5 seconds about an inch away from the illuminated hole.”  The device then displays your BAC level. The developers claim that the device is registered with the FDA and has undergone extensive government testing to an accuracy of ±.01% BAC. You can even share it with friends.

Similar apps include iBreath, BACtrack and Alcohoot.

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