What Happens To My Job When I Have A Drunk Driving Charge?

how does a drunk driving charge affect my jobDrunk driving charge is a mistake that can happen to anyone. For most people, they’re out for the night and have one or two drinks, get behind the wheel, and probably think nothing of it until they see lights flashing in the rear view window or a check point up ahead.

Even one or two drinks can result in a drunk driving charge, and the repercussions can touch every area of your life. With a suspended driver’s license, how can you drive your kids to school, go to appointments, or even more stressful, get to work?

When it comes to your job, having a driving under the influence (DUI) charge on your record can have serious implications. Here are just a few ways a drunk driving charge could affect your job.

Your driver’s license will be suspended

Most states have a DUI penalty that requires a suspected drunk driver to have his or her driver’s license revoked for a period of time. Some states require that you lose your license for a year, while others only ask for six months. If your state has a provision where you can waive your driver’s license suspension in exchange for an ignition interlock or there is an exemption to allow you to drive to work, you’re one of the lucky few that can keep driving. Most people convicted of DUI won’t be able to drive at all, and if you have to drive for work, that can affect your ability to do your job.

You may be fired for your drunk driving charge

Depending on your job and the contract you signed to take the position, a DUI conviction could result in you losing your employment permanently. Some employers have a policy that allows for dismissal if you’re convicted of a crime, and DUI is a crime.

Your employer’s insurance won’t be able to cover you

If you drive a truck, a bus, or other company vehicle for work, you usually have to provide a driver’s abstract in order to get the job. That’s because a company’s insurance requires you to have a clean driving record in order to cover you for crashes, damage, or loss. If you have a DUI on your record, your company’s insurance may refuse to cover you, and with no coverage you can’t drive.

These are just a few ways a drunk driving charge can affect your job, but you won’t have to worry about any of them as long as you drive sober or ask a designated driver to get you home.

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