How Many Ignition Interlock Violations Can I Have In Arizona?

arizona ignition interlock complianceThere’s a reason why Arizona is well known as one of the toughest states for drunk driving. Not only do they take first offender drunk driving convictions seriously by requiring penalties that are as tough as some repeat offender penalties in other states, they also have an all offender ignition interlock program that focuses on the one thing that many states do not: compliance.

Ignition interlock compliance is a growing issue in all states with all offender ignition interlock laws, but Arizona has a set of rules to enforce interlocks. From the moment an offender is convicted of drunk driving until they’ve completed their program, they must follow very specific guidelines.

No waiting period for the ignition interlock

When you’re charged with drunk driving in Arizona and you receive an order to install an interlock, you’re required to do so immediately. If you don’t install the device within thirty days your driver’s license will be immediately suspended and you may even have to use the interlock for longer than you were origionally required to.

Ignition interlock violations are serious business in Arizona

Most people realize that if they blow into an ignition interlock and they fail the breath test because they had been drinking, the car won’t start. What you might not know is that if you blow into the device and fail a breath test with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .08 two or more times, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department can and will extend your ignition interlock requirement for another six months.

It might sound harsh but if someone is trying to start an ignition interlock equipped vehicle with a BAC over .08, they were clearly intending to drive drunk. If someone persist and has another .08 and over BAC during their six month extension, the Arizona MVD will extend your interlock program by yet another six months.

Those are just two ways Arizona enforces interlock compliance. If you live in Arizona, you have an ignition interlock, and you’re wondering how to avoid interlock violations so you don’t end up with an extension, the answer is simple: never drive after drinking alcohol. As long as you always provide a clean, alcohol-free breath sample, you’ll finish your program in your required time frame.

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