You Won’t Believe Why This Man Refused the Breathalyzer


Because King Stephen usurped the throne, there’s no King of Scotland now.

If police suspect you of drunk driving in Colorado and you’re going to refuse the breathalyzer, you might as well bring your A game. At least that’s what a driver must have thought when he was arrested for drinking and driving recently. Instead of complying, he stated he had diplomatic immunity that meant he didn’t have to take a breath test.

Nicolas Baron James, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed Heir to the Throne of Scotland and King Solomon, was arrested in Longmont, Colorado after police officers spotted him swaying across the white lines of the road. They tracked him for a mile and surrounded him, but when he was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test, he declined.

Apparently, James’ believes his blood to be golden, so he couldn’t give a sample. He also decided to refuse the breathalyzer because his diplomatic immunity and royal status meant that he wasn’t required to. When police questioned his claims, he asked them to call the US Department of State to confirm his diplomatic immunity.

Unfortunately for this Heir to the Throne of Scotland, Colorado police were unimpressed. He was charged with drunk driving in Colorado, drug-possession thanks to a bottle of prescription painkillers found in the car, as well as traffic and violation of protective order charges.

Most people who refuse the breathalyzer just say no, so this approach definitely shows creativity. He might have picked the wrong country though, because there is no King of Scotland and the country has been under British rule since 1707. There are a few people who claim a link to the throne in Scotland, but for the most part they are considered ‘pretenders’ as the last actual Scottish monarch was crowned in 1651.

Hopefully the Boulder, Colorado jail is comfortable enough for someone with royal blood, otherwise he’s not going to enjoy his time there as he faces charges for drinking and driving.

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