Two Drivers Driving Same Vehicle, Both Under The Influence

two-driving-under-influence-same-carThere are a lot of choices you can make during an evening out. You can choose where to eat dinner, whether or not to go to a movie, and what pub you might end up in at the end of the evening. You can choose whether or not to have one drink or two, even when you know you’re the designated driver, and you also get to make the choice of whether or not you’re going to actually put the keys in the ignition of your vehicle and attempt to drive home.

But some people forget that you don’t have to make the choice to drink and drive, and that there are a lot of other choices out there to get a safe ride home. That’s something two women should have realized long before they were both arrested for driving under the influence while driving the same car.

How does something like that happen? Police were probably asking themselves that very question after witness called in an SUV that ran through a red light and nearly collided with other vehicles. The car then pulled over so the passenger could hop out and drive, and when it sped off again it barely avoided a rear-ender with another car. Maybe they decided that they were both too drunk to drive, because the vehicle pulled into a coffee shop parking lot and police apprehended them.

Now both drivers, women in their early twenties, have been charged with driving under the influence. Although this happened up in Ontario where there is no jail time for drunk driving, these women will receive a lengthy drivers license suspension and fines.

They’ll also be required to install an ignition interlock in any vehicle they drive for one year. The really bad news? Unlike sharing turns at driving a vehicle, you can’t share your ignition interlock.

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