Will Your Big Mac Come With A Breathalyzer?

will-mcdonalds-bring-breathalyzer-to-usMcDonald’s is a popular spot to stop after a night of drinking. There’s just something about greasy food to take the edge off after too much alcohol, and the extended hours in many locations results in a lot of drunk people hanging around for hours after they should go home.

That’s why one McDonald’s in the United Kingdom has decided to try something new—they’ve installed a breathalyzer device in the restaurant, and they’ll soon be asking customers to submit to a breath test if they want to eat inside. Anyone who blows twice the legal limit of .08 will be denied entry, and the staff will search soft drink bottles and canned drinks for any signs of alcohol. If they are turned away and denied their favorite fast food, patrons will be given an informational pamphlet on the dangers of binge drinking.

The Cambridge location trying this pilot project is located very close to a few bars and night clubs, so it makes sense that people are heading there after the clubs close. With over 140 people charged with drunk and disorderly conduct in Cambridge last year, McDonald’s latest endeavor has the full support of the local council.

Not everyone supports the new breathalyzer initiative. Local college students feel it’s a violation of their human rights, but after another customer punched a woman inside the restaurant last year, the Cambridge McDonald’s feels it’s time to crack down.

The real question is whether or not McDonald’s in the United States will see this as an option and add it to US restaurants. There’s been news reports of unruly customers in McDonald’s for years, and employees have had to subdue drunk customers on more than one occasion.

Will your Big Mac come with a breathalyzer test? Odds are US McDonald’s restaurants will be keeping a close eye on the Cambridge location in the near future.

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