Alabama License Recovery

Alabama does not have a standard hardship license program that allows you to get a restricted license during your suspension period by having an interlock device installed. In order to reinstate your driver’s license, you have to wait until your suspension or revocation period ends.

Steps to Reinstate Your Driver’s License After Suspension:

  1. Serve any jail time and wait out your suspension time.
  2. Attend DUI School.
  3. File a Request for Reinstatement Requirements (DI-46a). You will receive a list of all requirements to properly reinstate your license. Mail form to: Driver License Division, P.O. Box 1471, Montgomery, AL 36102-1471
  4. Obtain proof of SR-22 insurance.
  5. If an interlock has been mandated, find an approved interlock provider and make an appointment to have an ignition interlock installed. The provider will verify your eligibility for an interlock with the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Have your interlock installed. Your provider will give you a certificate confirming the installation.
  6. When you are ready with those requirements, visit an Alabama driver’s license office with the required fee (no personal checks). Check for the closest Driver’s License Office location that handles reinstatements here:
  7. You can also call 334-242-4400 and follow their menu options. For a list of all phone numbers for the driver license division, visit the Alabama Department of Public Safety website.
  8. If your driver’s license was revoked or if it was suspended for over a year, you will need to take the driving tests, including the vision test, the road test, and the knowledge test, again.

For more information contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

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