California License Recovery

Steps to Getting a Restricted Driver’s License During Your Suspension – First Offense:

  • Wait out the mandatory 30-day suspension period before applying for a restricted driver’s license.
  • Enroll in a licensed DUI First Offender program. (You must notify the program provider that you intend to apply for a restricted driver’s license.) Ask the program provider to file a Proof of Enrollment Certificate (DL 107) in a licensed DUI First Offender program with DMV.
  • File SR-22 (California Insurance Proof Certificate, $35,000 cash deposit, surety bond, or self-insurer certificate).
  • Pay a $125 reissue fee.
  • Request a to/from/during course of employment and DUI program restriction. Your driving privilege will be restricted to allow you to drive to, from, and during employment and to and from the DUI program. This restriction is valid for 5 months from the issuance date.
  • Make an appointment to have your ignition interlock installed by calling toll-free 800-499-0994.
  • Have your interlock installed. Guardian will give you a certificate confirming the installation.
  • Bring the certificate to the DMV to receive your restricted license.

Steps to Getting a Restricted Driver’s License During Your Suspension – Second and Subsequent Offenses:

  • Wait out your mandatory license suspension period (at least one year) before applying for a restricted license.
  • Make an appointment to have your ignition interlock installed by calling toll-free 800-499-0994.
  • Provide DMV with a “Verification of Installation” Ignition Interlock (DL 920) form.
  • Clear all other outstanding suspensions/revocations on your driving record.
  • Comply with a DUI program’s requirements and have the program provider submit either a Proof of Enrollment Certificate (DL 107) or Notice of Completion Certificate (DL 101) form to DMV (whichever applies to your case).
  • Submit an Insurance Proof Certificate (SR 22) form issued by your auto insurance company to DMV establishing proof of financial responsibility.
  • Pay all required fees.

NOTE: The court may order you to install an ignition interlock device (IID )with or without a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) requirement. Installing an IID as a requirement for a court order does not give you driving privileges. To be eligible to drive, you still must have a restricted driver’s license through the California DMV.

Ignition Interlock Device Pilot Programs

Four pilot counties (Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulare) require that all persons convicted of a DUI must install a certified IID on each vehicle that he/she owns or operates. Before a driver license can be issued, reissued, reinstated, or restricted, pilot participants must meet all DUI reinstatement requirements:

  • Submit a DMV Ordered Verification of Ignition Interlock (DL 924) form.
  • Make an appointment to have your ignition interlock installed by calling toll-free 800-499-0994
  • Guardian will verify your eligibility for an interlock with the DMV and provide the certificate confirming the installation.
  • Pay a $45 administrative service fee (ASF). The term that an IID restriction is required ranges from 5 to 48 months, depending upon the number of prior DUI convictions.

The requirement for participation in the pilot program is determined by the county in which the violation occurred; not the residence of the driver. Individuals who do not own or have access to a vehicle can request an exemption from the IID installation, by completing and returning the Exemption for IID (DL 4055B) form within 30 days of receiving notice from DMV regarding the IID requirement.

Steps to Reinstate Your Driver’s License After Suspension:

You will receive a Notice of Restoration from the DMV after you have completed your suspension period. The notice will include complete instructions regarding how to get your license back. Generally, you will need to:

  • After your suspension is completed you will receive a Notice of Restoration from the DMV, including instructions on how to reinstate your license. Below are the general requirements
  • Pay a restoration fee of $125.
  • Apply for a standard license renewal to obtain a new license.
  • Complete the mandatory probation period.
  • Pay the reissue fee to the DMV.
  • Show proof of SR-22 auto insurance.
  • Complete a DUI Treatment Program and file a Notice of Completion Certificate (DL 101).
  • Pay the required court fines.

Note that after your license is restored, you will be subject to a Mandatory Probation Period of one year, during which any new violations may result in an additional suspension of your California driver’s license.

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