Delaware License Recovery

For a first DUI offense, at the time of your DUI arraignment you can choose not to stand trial by enrolling in a First Offense Election program. If you enroll, you are in effect admitting guilt, and waiving your right to trial. You also agree not to request an administrative hearing at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or to withdraw any request previously made for this violation. You may drive after a 1 month suspension provided you have an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle.

Steps to Obtaining a Restricted Driver’s License During Your Suspension:

  • Serve mandatory suspension time (required period before interlock may be installed).
  • Complete an evaluation with the Delaware Evaluation and Referral Program (DERP)
  • If required, prove that you have completed the Alcohol Education Program, First Offenders Program or comparable program.
  • Complete Character Background Review if your BAC was .15% or higher
  • If required, file an SR-22 proof of insurance. Your insurance agent or company can help you with this.
  • You will have to pay a $25.00 fee for reinstatement if your license was suspended, plus a possible $100 insurance violation fee. If your license was revoked the fee is $143.75.
  • Apply for the Ignition Interlock Program (IID). The application can be found here
  • Make an appointment to have your ignition interlock installed.
  • The installer will verify your eligibility for an interlock device. Once your interlock is installed, you will receive a certificate confirming the installation.
  • Submit your reinstatement application and fees at any Delaware DMV.
  • Remember to come in for regular monitoring. This is essential for proper maintenance of the program as well as a condition for keeping your license.
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