Budweiser’s Drinking And Driving PSA Is All About Puppy Love

drinking and drivingHave you ever wondered what your loved ones are doing at home when you’re out for a night with friends? Alcohol has a way of making time feel like it’s slowed down or standing still, and hours can pass by in a blur before you realize it’s time to call it a night and head home. But if you’re practicing responsible alcohol consumption, you should be all too aware of who is waiting at home for you, and if you ever forget, Budweiser’s public service announcement (PSA) about a man and a dog is a great reminder.

Budweiser’s recently released the PSA ‘Friends are waiting’ for Global Be(er) Responsible Day. Every fall for the past 5 years, Anahaeuser Busch has celebrated the day and used it to promote responsible alcohol consumption everywhere they sell their products.

At the top of the list for responsible drinkers should be never drinking and driving, and the ‘Friends are waiting’ PSA really hits that message home. Since the video was placed on YouTube in mid-September, it’s gone viral and received over 19 million views. Click to watch it below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eubWYPhcEEo]

Anhaeuser Busch also funded a survey that took a look at how adults feel about responsible alcohol consumption. They found that:

  • One in 3 drinking adults would welcome responsible drinking tips from their server when out drinking in a pub, club, or restaurant
  • Half of the adults surveyed would welcome suggestions on how they can avoid drinking and driving to get home safely
  • Over 30 million adults have their ID checked every day when buying alcohol

As far as drinking and driving PSA’s, Budweiser hits this one out of the park. You can learn more about finding a designated driver and getting home safely by checking out Guardian Interlock’s Rideshare post.

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