You Can Do A Lot Of Damage Before Your Florida DUI Arrest

arrested for drunk driving in Florida A lot of people get behind the wheel of a car and are arrested for drunk driving in Florida because they ask themselves one question before they drive: what’s the worst that could happen? Unfortunately, thanks to the alcohol they’ve just consumed, the answer to that question is usually wrong.

A lot can happen from the moment you put the keys in the ignition to the moment you’re arrested for drunk driving in Florida, and for one driver in Osceola County, the worst case scenario included smashing into 17 cars when trying to park his SUV.

The drunk driver was heading home to a gated community at four in the morning when he decided to skip the gate code and crash his way through. He rammed into the gate and then drove around in circles smashing into cars as he went. In all he damaged 17 vehicles in eight separate crashes, and some of the residents reported over $2,000 in damage.

When police arrived they discovered  he smelt of alcohol, refused to submit to a breathalyzer, and was not interested in being arrested, but he did calm down after they pepper sprayed him. It turns out this wasn’t his first brush with drunk driving. He had his driver’s license suspended for drunk driving in 2013.

What’s the worst that can happen when you have a few drinks and get behind the wheel? In this case, one man is responsible for smashing up 17 vehicles, but it could have turned out far worse. If they weren’t parked cars and people were inside, he could have easily injured or killed someone, all because he was trying to get home after a night out drinking.

It’s just one more crazy drunk driving story in Florida, and one more reason why Florida needs to get tough on drunk drivers by passing an all offender ignition interlock law. This Florida drunk driver has, thankfully, been taken off the roads, but there are many more just like him out there and the only way to stop them is an interlock.

How many drunk driving crashes like this one will it take for Florida lawmakers to pass that law?

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