Drunk Driver Runs Over Police Officer In Pennsylvania


Photo from pennlive.com

Sometimes hockey fans get a little overzealous. Whether their team wins or loses, there is a passion involved with hockey teams that can make a normal evening out turn into something crazy. And if you add alcohol to that mix? You get an incident with a drunk driver like the one that just happened in Pennsylvania.

After a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game, a 27-year-old woman allegedly got behind the wheel after drinking and began driving wildly. She hit a police officer in the parkade, then while exiting the structure she hit a light pole that came crashing down onto another drivers car. That’s when another police officer fired a shot at her to stop her, and she hit a second light pole before she came to a stop. A witness said she attempted to leave the scene.

According to the drunk driver, she didn’t realize she hit the police officer and only had two beer at the game. She was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania, aggravated assault by vehicle with driving under the influence, and reckless endangerment.

Arraigned the day after her wild drive, the drivers bond was set for $50,000 cash.

Given the set of charges it’s a unique case, but suffice to say she probably won’t be treated to the fairly lenient Pennsylvania DUI penalties for a first time offender. First offenders in Pennsylvania have no jail time, pay only $300 in fines, don’t receive a drivers license suspension, and are not required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle.

Yes, hockey games can fuel a lot of emotion in the people who are watching them, and adding alcohol to that emotion is just like adding fuel to a fire. This driver is in a lot of trouble for her drunken, wild drive, and it’s a good reminder that everyone who goes to these games should appoint a sober driver or avoid alcohol completely.

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