Oklahoma DUI Driver Crashed Into Police Car, Declared She’s God

Since police officers began wearing body cameras, they’ve captured some bizarre and scary footage. From roll overs to shoot outs, they’ve seen it all, but odds are a incident in Oklahoma will go down in history as the most bizarre body cam footage every captured.

It all began when police were searching for a stolen SUV. They believed they spotted the vehicle and chased the suspect through the streets, trying to pull her over safely. That’s when she decided to drive the SUV straight into the police car.

The crash is caught on both the squad car’s cam and the police officer’s body cam, and because you can hear glass breaking and the sounds of metal crunching, you get a sense of how terrifying it is when someone crashes a car due to driving under the influence (DUI).

It turns out the suspect was drunk behind the wheel, and immediately after the crash she appeared out of the top of the sunroof waving happily and yelling, “I’m God, b—h! Welcome to hell!” If that’s not bizarre enough, she seemed unhurt by the shots fired by the police and even declared, “Jesus loves you!” when interacting with the officers.

After laughing at the officers from her vehicle, they decided to taze her and pulled her out. The police’s footage is captured in the video below. A warning: the offender uses strong language.

Although it’s not known whether she was a first time or repeat offender in Oklahoma, she’s in a lot of trouble either way. According to the video, she’s received 4 felony charges. Even a first offense in Oklahoma can net jail time up to one year, fines and penalties up to $1,000, and a 30-day drivers license suspension. If you’re a repeat offender, you can expect to add an ignition interlock to those penalties.

It’s terrifying what can happen in a driving under the influence crash, and having the offender react that way must have made it that much more surreal for the police officers. It’s a great example of what they go through each and every day when trying to keep people who drink and drive off the roads.

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