Halloween Drunk Driver Truly Terrifies One Family

Halloween drunk driverHalloween is supposed to be fun for families, but a Halloween drunk driver can take a holiday that should be about candy and harmless tricks and turn it into a nightmare for families.

Although the spooky holiday has passed by for another year, a family in Pike County, Kentucky will remember Halloween 2017 forever. As a mother and her three-year-old daughter were out trick-or-treating, they would crashed into by a Halloween drunk driver behind the wheel of a truck.

The man, Gregory Hackney, had taken his wife and his grandson out trick-or-treating himself, but he had been drinking and had open alcohol in his truck. He backed his truck straight into the three year old and her mother, striking the toddler in the head with his back bumper. Police say if witnesses hadn’t stopped him he would have killed the pair.

When police arrived they found alcohol in the truck, and when asked to perform field sobriety tests,  Hackney failed both. He was placed under arrest and received numerous charges including operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and assault.

Instead of going home to sort through a big bag of candy, this mother and child were taken to the hospital. Both will recover, but what they won’t recover from so easily is the terror caused by a Halloween drunk driver.

With the holidays looming right around the corner, it becomes even more possible that days meant for fun and festivities will be destroyed because someone made the decision to drink and drive. That’s why Kentucky needs to pass an all offender ignition interlock law. An all offender law—requiring ignition interlocks for first time and all other offenders, will prevent that person from driving their vehicle if they blow over .02 on the device.

With an all offender law, Kentucky could prevent these drunk drivers from leaving the driveway after they’ve been drinking, and that could stop situations like these from happening.

Kentucky Headed For Ignition Interlock Devices

summer-igntiion-interlockThe State of Kentucky has taken a huge step forward to making roads safer for everyone who drives on them. A new driving under the influence (DUI) law went into effect on June 24th, 2015, and now the state is getting ready to crack down on repeat drunk drivers with a new, harsher penalty.

Any repeat offender with a second, third, or further offense in the state will be required to install an ignition interlock device in any vehicle they drive. Although there isn’t an exact date for offenders to begin the new ignition interlock program in Kentucky, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in the state is fully supportive of the new law. That’s because they know ignition interlocks work to reduce the likelihood that a drunk driver will drive drunk again by up to 67%.

Like other states, the ignition interlock program in Kentucky will require all drivers to have an interlock device with camera installed in any vehicle they drive. The driver will be required to blow into their ignition interlock device anytime they drive their vehicle, and if they blow over a set limit, the car simply won’t start. The camera will snap a photo of the driver as they blow, and that works to prevent anyone else from blowing into the device.

Most states require drivers with ignition interlock devices to take rolling re-tests. These tests require the driver to blow into the ignition interlock while they are driving, and if they fail the test, the car horn will begin honking and the driver will have to pull over and stop the vehicle.

With the new ignition interlock penalty on the way, repeat drunk drivers in Kentucky can expect to think before they drink and get behind the wheel. Ignition interlocks are the safest option for everyone who drives on the roads with convicted drunk drivers.

No One Is Safe From A Drunk Driver

no-one-safe-drunk-driverWe read a lot about drunk driving crashes that involve cars, trucks, vans, and even buses, but you don’t hear a lot about a drunk driver crashing into a bicycle. Yet that’s exactly what happened in a tragic turn of events in Kentucky recently, and the outcome of this drunk driving crash was worse than you can imagine.

An annual race called the ‘Horse Hundred’ was being hosted recently, and the driver of a pickup truck was traveling in the opposite lane of the race when he crossed the line and crashed right into a bike rider. The bike rider hit the windshield, sailed over the cab of the truck, and landed right on the truck’s back bed cover.

That wasn’t enough to stop the driver though. With the bike rider still on the back of his truck, he kept driving straight to a trailer park. Police soon found him, discovered he was impaired, and he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. The bike rider succumbed to his injuries soon after.

In general, Kentucky follows a set of driving under the influence (DUI) penalties that includes jail time up to one year, fines payable up to $1,000, and a driver’s license suspension for anywhere from 120 days up to 60 months. There is also an ignition interlock program, but according to Kentucky DUI laws, an ignition interlock can be assigned only at the discretion of the judge.

In this case, the driver may be charged with DUI with aggravating circumstances because he caused a crash that resulted in death. That could bump his jail time up to 240 days and result in the driver being charged with a Class D felony.

What should have been a fun bike race turned into a tragedy, and all because someone made the choice to drink and drive.

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