This Video Is An Underage Drinking Eye Opener

teen underage drinking Even a parent who is completely on top of everything their teen does has something slip past them once in awhile. Maybe your teen stayed out too late but you were asleep on the couch when they came home. That would be considered small potatoes when compared to letting underage drinking pass by unnoticed, but it does happen. Unfortunately there are parents not only notice underage drinking, they support it.

There are a lot of parents who decide to host underage drinking parties for their kids, or, even worse, go out for the night and tell their kids that they can drink as long as they do it at home. It’s a course of action that they really believe is the safest option, but the reality is that when it comes to teen drinking, there are no safe options.

‘Inside the Party’ is a video on Youtube that’s the perfect example of what can happen if your teen drinks at home. It focuses on an at-home teen drinking party that gets out of hand with alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication. Take a look at the video below.


This video might be an extreme look at what can happen at a teen party, but when you serve alcohol to teens, anything goes.

What can you do to prevent your teen from underage drinking or participating in a party like the one shown in the video? To start, you could say no to social hosting and alcohol-related parties for your teens at home. Not only will saying no save you from taking responsibility for drunk teenagers and the potential of teen drinking and driving, you could also avoid a stiff fine. Some cities in the United States recommend a $500 fine for a first Social Host offense, and if you continue to host, you’ll pay up to $5,000.

Teens grow quickly, and before you know it your child will be 21 and legally able to drink. Don’t start them off on the wrong foot by giving them alcohol or letting them drink at home. You can avoid a lot of headache and possibly save a teen’s life by standing up and saying no to underage drinking.


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