Cheat The Interlock Device? Not A Good Idea

cheat interlockYou’ve been stopped for driving under the influence (DUI), and as part of your penalties you were asked by the judge to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Because many states are requiring interlocks for all offenders including first time DUI offenders, thousands of people are now being required to install and maintain the interlock device for periods of six months or longer.

Just like any penalty required by law, there will be always be people who try to cheat the system and get out of serving their required interlock installation penalty. But tampering or cheating the interlock device is not a good idea, and depending on your state, there are severe penalties for those who do so. You may lose your restricted license and not be able to drive. Tampering with or cheating your ignition interlock can also result in an extension of the time you are required to have it installed in your vehicle.

If you take a look on the web for topics on cheating the interlock device, you’ll find hundreds of replies. From a YouTube video promoting a special tool designed to disable the interlock, step-by-step instructions on a blog on how to bypass the device, and a variety of questions and answers on how to make an appropriate humming noise when you blow into it with a fan to fool it into thinking it’s you submitting to a breath test, the ‘helpful’ advice on cheating the interlock device is available with a few clicks on your computer.

Fortunately for the thousands of people driving on the roads every day, fooling or cheating the interlock device doesn’t work. These devices are designed to test your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when you first attempt to start the vehicle and during the period while you are driving. Having a friend blow into your ignition interlock to start your car or otherwise bypassing the device will only get you into more trouble with law enforcement than you already are.

If you have a DUI on record and one of your penalties is to install an interlock device, the best thing you can do for you and everyone on the road with you is to abide by the rules and regulations and never get in your vehicle after drinking.


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