How Much Time Will You Spend On Your DUI Conviction?

DUI conviction For most people, time is money. That means your time is too valuable to waste, especially on something that’s avoidable like a DUI conviction.

But too many people don’t realize the real cost of a DUI conviction before they drink and drive. They might know how much the fines are or what it will cost to reinstate a driver’s license, but most won’t factor in time they’ll have to put into sorting it out and moving on.

Take a Colorado DUI conviction for example: according to NoDUIColorado, it takes approximately 170 hours to work through a first offender conviction.

Here’s a look at what a DUI conviction will cost you in terms of your time:

Going to court

Did you know that you may head to court more than once for a DUI conviction? Some first offenders in Colorado can head to court up to six times to work through everything required to process your DUI.

DUI school

If you’re required to attend DUI school as part of your DUI conviction in Colorado, you’ll be spending a minimum of twelve hours in classes. The number of hours you’ll spend could rise depending on the blood alcohol content (BAC) you were arrested with and which treatment track the judge deems you’ll be on after arrest.

Using an ignition interlock after a DUI conviction

When factoring in how long a DUI takes to work through, offenders may forget the time they’re required to use ignition interlock in their vehicle. Most first time offenders may need  to use one for a period of twenty four months.

170 hours doesn’t sound like much, but NoDUIColorado summer it up pretty well: it’s the equivalent of eighty movies or twenty-one days of paid vacation.  When you think about it in those terms, it’s a lot harder to swallow, isn’t it?

Time is valuable; you don’t have to waste yours on a DUI as long as you don’t drink and drive.

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