That Moment When Your Nanny Gets A Florida DUI

Florida DUIWhen you have someone looking after your children you want to know they are safe in their care. After a nanny was arrested recently on a Florida DUI charge, probably quite a few parents are now worried about their own caregivers.

Not everyone realizes just how much drinking alcohol and taking drugs can affect your judgement, coordination, and vision. That’s why the biggest concern when someone has done one, the other, or both is not whether or not that person will get caught; it’s whether or not they will crash their vehicle.

In this case the nanny from Boca Raton, Florida was driving under the influence on a highway when she did crash the car, and unfortunately, she also had the baby in the back seat. Even worse, the baby wasn’t properly secured in his car seat so when police arrived they discovered the car seat had been flipped over.

Police discovered she had several bottles of prescription drugs in the vehicle with her, and they arrested her for Florida DUI causing property damage, possession of a controlled substance, and child neglect.

Thankfully, the baby only had minor bumps to his head. It could have been a lot worse, and the nanny will now have a long road ahead of her as she works her way through the Florida DUI penalty process. After a crime like this, Florida parents may have an even longer road to trusting their own caregivers again.

One way the state of Florida could alleviate the concerns of parents would be to pass an all offender ignition interlock law. An all offender ignition interlock law requires all offenders – including first time offenders – to install an ignition interlock device after they’ve been arrested for Florida DUI.

Florida bypassed the opportunity to act on an all offender interlock bill this past spring. Maybe this is the case that will bring that bill back to life?

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