This Is The Year Of The Pocket Breathalyzer

Still-life with bottles with alcohol over textyred backgroundThe handheld breathalyzer – a few years ago no one could have predicted how popular these little devices would become, and they definitely couldn’t have predicted some of the problems that would rise from having a constant connection to your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). But technology is continuing to evolve and more and more of these pocket breathalyzers are hitting the market.

Because everything must be thinner, lighter, and faster than ever before, the pocket breathalyzer is expanding from key chain sized to built right into your iPhone case. One of the latest examples is the Moscase, a device that’s being promoted as a ‘well-being accessory.’ It looks like an iPhone 6 case but it uses an active back plate to send safe electromagnetic currents through your body. Using the currents, it measures your body fat content, stress levels, and according to the documentation, your BAC.

There’s no word on whether or not Moscase actually works to measure your body’s alcohol concentration, but if it doesn’t it’s not the only game in town. iDrink, a new iPhone case/breathalyzer device is currently fundraising on Indiegogo. It’s designed to contain a breathalyzer with its own battery, and iDrink will send your BAC straight to the app. It even includes a drunk driving game that increases with difficulty the higher your BAC reading is.

Although they may be built with the latest technology, these devices can’t stand up against the accuracy of a police grade breathalyzer or go head to head with the technology built into ignition interlock devices. Because you can’t rely on them to be 100% accurate, the real trouble will start if they become part of your decision process on whether or not you’re safe to drink and drive.

The bottom line? There is no safe amount of alcohol to drink before driving. You can have a pocket breathalyzer and use it for entertainment purposes or as a gauge for your health, but having it be a deciding factor on whether or not to put the keys in the ignition isn’t a good idea.

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