Second Chance Offender Program: Guardian Interlock Installation in Laredo Texas

Second Chance Offender Program Laredo Texas Ignition Interlock Installer's

Guardian Interlock is pleased to welcome the Second Chance Offender Program as our certified ignition interlock installation and service center in Laredo Texas. The mission of Second Chance Offender Program is to empower the people of Laredo, promote individual responsibility and accountability through life skills and behavioral services, and decrease recidivism. Their program, along with Guardian Interlock technology, is increasing the safety of the people of Laredo. Like President Barack Obama said…
Everyone deserves a second chance.

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The experienced technicians at Second Chance Offender Program will install your ignition interlock and provide comprehensive training on the use of your car breathalyzer unit. They also provide scheduled monitoring, ignition interlock device calibration, and monthly reporting.

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