Friday Fallout: Rooster The Star Of Crazy Drunk Driving Story

rooster crazy drunk driving storyAlcohol has the power to put people in abnormal situations, and that’s why so many people end up the star of their own crazy drunk driving story. Some of these stories are heartbreaking because they end with the injury or death of an innocent person, while others can be funny, giving you something to laugh about and you’re relieved no one got hurt.

What happened to a man in Key West, Florida recently falls under the category of a crazy drunk driving story, and if you can picture the situation while reading, it’s actually pretty funny. Daniel Jones of New Jersey was driving a golf cart in a Key West neighborhood. Golf carts as a means of transportation are fairly common in Florida neighborhoods, but what wasn’t so common was the fact that he was swerving erratically on the road.

Bystanders noticed that he was intentionally aiming his golf cart at a rooster that was near him, and one witness said that he was so adamant about hitting that rooster, he ended up rolling the golf cart.

Jones was ejected from the car along with his passengers. The passengers suffered minor injuries, and as for the rooster, he just hopped up on the sidewalk and walked away. After a witness called 911, police arrived and obtained Jones’ blood alcohol content (BAC). It was 0.25, more than three times the legal limit of .08.

Because a golf cart is considered a motor vehicle in many states, Jones was taken to jail for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) and DUI with property damage and minor injury.

Right now a Florida first time drunk driving conviction will net the offender fines, driver’s license suspension, and possibly jail time if someone suffered injury or death because of a crash. If a new bill passes through the House and becomes law, first offenders will also be required to install an ignition interlock.

If passed, Florida is slated to become the 29th state to require ignition interlocks for all offenders. Although you can’t install an ignition interlock on a golf cart, the device could disable a drunk driving offender like Jones from making the same mistake twice.

At the very least, this is one crazy drunk driving story that has a happy ending. No one was injured or killed due to drunk driving, and the rooster lived to see another day.

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