Texas Driver Arrested For Drunk Driving After She Calls Herself In

Texas arrested for drunk drivingLately Texas is giving Florida a run for its money. The number of drunk drivers in the state has resulted in quite a few odd situations on the roads, and one that happened recently tops them all.

A young female driver in Webster, Texas was sitting in a parked car at 3 am when she decided to pick up the phone and call the police. Why? It turns out that she was trying to get her passenger to drive the car and she was upset because the passenger was not complying. That’s because the passenger was too drunk to drive, but so was the caller. Police showed up at the car shortly after, and not only did the driver get arrested for driving while intoxicated, the passenger was arrested for public intoxication.

Judging from the odd list of offenders who have been arrested in crazy situations over the past few years, drunk driving issues in Texas aren’t going away anytime soon. Take the girl who was drunk driving and decided to Snap Chat a topless photo to her boyfriend. Or the young girl who was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), lost her driver’s license, and decided she was going to commute to classes in a pink Barbie car. There’s also the man who got his young son to drive the vehicle because he knew if he was stopped for drunk driving a third time, he’d be charged with a felony.

It’s strange to call yourself in for drunk driving, but at the very least this driver wasn’t stopped while driving her car or, even worse, after she crashed and killed someone. In Texas, just like in other high volume drunk driver states like Florida, it happens all too often.

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