What’s New In Minnesota Drunk Driving?

don't drink and driveMinnesota drunk driving is a hot topic of conversation right now. The justice system has been keeping busy as the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about Minnesota’s implied consent laws and whether or not a person has a legal right to refuse to take the breathalyzer test. Having drunk driving in the news hasn’t stopped people from taking to the roads impaired, and there have been multiple repeat offenders who have been arrested for DWI again or caused crashes that impacted the lives of several people.

Here’s a look at a few Minnesota drunk driving cases from the past few weeks:

Drunk driver hits two houses

How much damage can one driver do when he’s drunk behind the wheel? A great example comes from a 27-year-old Minnesota man who was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. He drove off the road, crashed into one house, sped across the yard, and crashed into another house. Thankfully no one was hurt during the crashes.

Postal worker arrested for DWI

A Minnesota postal worker decided to deliver the mail while drunk recently. Mary E. Sweet was arrested after she ran a stop sign in Minnetonka and was swerving all over the road. A concerned driver followed her and called her in just as she crashed into a stop sign.

She failed field sobriety tests and fell out of her truck while exiting, and when she submitted to the breathalyzer test she was found to have a .297 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Once she was taken to jail she refused a secondary breathalyzer test and has been charged for DWI and refusal to take a blood alcohol test.

These are just two cases out of many that have happened in Minnesota recently. If the Supreme Court changes the rules for Minnesota drunk drivers, odds are there will be many more in the coming months.

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