This Florida Drunk Driver Took To The Beach, Literally

Florida drunk driverWhat do you do when you’re in Florida and you want to go to the beach? Most people would pack a beach bag, grab some sunscreen, and head out for a day of fun and sun. But when you’re a Florida drunk driver, you aren’t thinking like most people, and if you want to go to the beach you just get in your car and drive right onto it.

Ryan Stiles was driving his jeep toward Clearwater Beach near Tampa when he decided he was going to open up Facebook and stream his drive via Facebook Live. People watching him saw that he was driving and he was drinking whiskey and beer at the same time, but viewers really sat up and paid attention when he did a turn and hit the beach, literally.

Stiles drove straight onto Clearwater Beach from a dead-end street, an area with no road access of any kind, and began driving toward Caladesi Island. Imagine the surprise of people relaxing on blankets and beach chairs as the jeep spun along the sand toward them.

He was still streaming to Facebook Live at this point, and that’s when the 911 calls began to come in to police. He was hitting high speeds, purposely crashing into objects, and talking about ending his life and going out with a bang by crashing into a police cruiser.

When police arrived they gave chase, right down the beach, and when they finally managed to apprehend him, he didn’t go easily. They told a local news agency that he smashed the glass in the holding cell until it fractured.

A Florida drunk driver can do enough damage on the roads, but in a state where anything goes, it’s not surprising that someone finally decided to take a drunk drive on the beach. Thankfully no one was hurt, and it’s just another crazy drunk driving story to add to the books in Florida.

This Is Not The Way To Avoid A Golf Cart DUI

golf cart duiThere is a golf cart DUI problem in Florida that’s been growing steadily over the past few years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

It’s definitely not as severe as drunk driving in cars, trucks, or boats, but it’s still bad enough that people are severely injured thanks to someone mixing alcohol and driving a golf cart.

If you want an example of what can happen if you drink and drive on a golf cart, just ask a man who was  arrested recently in Wildwood, Florida. He was visiting his parents in a gated Florida community when he asked his dad if he could borrow his golf cart to go to the local bar. After spending some time there he left the bar with a woman, and as they were driving home together she fell off the golf cart.

The driver couldn’t lift her and she couldn’t stand on her own, so he decided to drag her to a median and lay her down in the bushes. That’s where he left her, and despite the fact that she was bloody and clearly injured, he didn’t bother to call 911 or get help in any way.

Thankfully someone saw her there and did call the police, and it’s a good thing they did. She was suffering from life-threatening injuries. Those injuries may be why the police found the driver with blood all over his clothing.

That’s not really something you want to explain to your dad when you return his golf cart, but police may have done the explaining for him: after the suspect was arrested for golf cart DUI and hit and run, he was taken to jail. Unfortunately the victim in this case died of her injuries a few days later, and although he hasn’t been charged yet, he may be answering for a lot more than drunken golf cart DUI.

It’s one more crazy drunk driving story for the Florida record books, and it goes to show how dangerous a golf cart can be and how the Florida golf cart DUI issue isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

Friday Fallout: Popped Five Viagra Only Got A DUI

arrest for DUI SeattleEveryone knows alcohol will affect your driving skills, and most people also know drugs like marijuana, and prescription drugs like opiates will affect your ability to drive too, but did you ever think that something like Viagra could cause you to be the focus of an arrest for DUI?

If you live in Washington State, the answer is yes, you definitely can be on the receiving end of an arrest for DUI if you’re driving under the influence of Viagra. That’s what happened to one man who told officers he had taken five times the recommended dosage of the medication when the bottle told him to only take one pill.

The man crashed his vehicle into the side of a parking garage downtown Seattle, and when police approached the car he told them he had taken some prescription medications but they weren’t labeled as dangerous for driving. Witnesses said he was acting “off” and he had struck the garage wall three or four times before he tried to stumble his way out of the garage.

friday-falloutAt this point neither the police or witnesses knew what type of medication he’d taken, so they took him to the hospital for evaluation. That’s where he told doctors that he’d taken five times the recommended dosage of generic Viagra.

Viagra is a drug commonly used only for only for erectile dysfunction and it’s normally only taken right before you’d “need” it, so there’s no real explanation for why this man was in a parking garage crashing into walls when he should have, most likely, been engaged elsewhere.

He’s pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge, and he’s ordered to be on home monitoring where he can only leave for work or school. If he’s convicted of DUI in Washington for driving under the influence of Viagra, he’ll be monitored in a different way: with an ignition interlock on his car.

It’s hard to believe that someone could take too much Viagra and receive an arrest for DUI, but it’s just one more crazy DUI story to add to the long list of crazy situations people get themselves into thanks to alcohol and driving.



Friend Arrested For DWI? Don’t Pick Her Up While Drunk.

Fail: arrested for DWI

But no one was sober behind the wheel after a man in Louisiana was arrested for DWI recently. Police pulled over a vehicle full of people and arrested the driver, and the rest of the group was left in a parking lot to call a cab to get home.

arrested for dwi louisianaInstead of staying home, one of the passengers headed back to the parking lot, retrieved the car, and went to the jail to bail out her friend. The problem? She was also drunk driving, so when she arrived at the police station, she was also arrested for DWI. Police were considerate enough to place her in a jail cell with her friend, and whoever picked them up the next day must have had quite a story to tell. It’s such a crazy situation that even the Slidell Police Department decided to put it on their Facebook page.

Instead of one person heading to court to be sentenced to Louisiana drunk driving penalties, now there are two. That’s two people paying fines, possibly spending up to six months in jail, losing their driver’s license for a year or two depending on their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest, and two rounds of community service.

The good news for both offenders? Louisiana allows their offenders to obtain a restricted driver’s license immediately when that person installs an ignition interlock in their vehicle for the entire suspension period. That means that these two offenders will be able to drive again as soon as they install their interlock, and hopefully the next decision they make while under the influence is to call a cab.

Just Say No To Mixing Nyquil, Alcohol, And Driving

alcohol and driving and nyquil don't mixFlorida is a place where people get into a lot of trouble thanks to drunk driving, and because of that, Florida police really have seen it all. From the periscoped her drunk drive to the numerous people arrested for DUI on a golf cart, it’s a place where some drivers don’t seem to understand that alcohol and driving don’t mix.

There are also drivers who don’t seem to be concerned when they mix alcohol and driving and they take their children along for the ride. One driver, a woman from Greenacres, is now facing charges for DUI and child neglect after she decided to bring her kids with her when she after drinking alcohol and Nyquil.

The driver was heading down a road with a passenger who was hanging out the window yelling at pedestrians. When police pulled her over they found two toddlers who weren’t buckled into their car seats in the back of the vehicle, and the driver had several small bottles of wine with her.

She also had a bottle of Nyquil, a common cold medication, and half the bottle was gone. That bottle actually contains 10% alcohol, and although most people realize that mixing alcohol and driving will get you arrested, mixing alcohol and Nyquil can render you even more incapacitated. Driving after drinking the two is not a great idea.

Although it wasn’t clear if she was a repeat offender in Florida, it’s clear that she’s got a long list of penalties ahead of her. Just for the drunk driving charge she’ll receive fines, a driver’s license suspension, and may be required to install an ignition interlock to prevent her from drinking alcohol and driving.

The biggest mistake this driver made was drinking what she did and then putting the keys in the ignition, especially with her kids in the back seat of the car. This case is another Florida example of the many different types of dangerous drivers on the roads and what can happen when you mix alcohol and driving.

California Needs To Put The Brakes On Repeat Drunk Drivers

california repeat drunk driversJust like most other states, California has had a real problem pulling their repeat drunk drivers off the roads. Most of the efforts put forth over the past few years haven’t stopped the constant drunk driving crashes they cause, and the California ignition interlock law won’t be putting the brakes on drunk drivers in all counties until it comes into effect in 2018.

Until that time, there are many repeat drunk drivers on the roads, and Iran Jimenez, a man from San Luis Obispo, is just one example. Normally a quiet town just off a highway, San Luis Obispo was the spot where Jimenez was arrested not once but three times for three separate DUIs in one week.

He was first arrested for DUI on June 30th, and after he was released he was again arrested on the following Thursday when he caused a drunk driving crash. He was released again, only to be arrested for the third time on Friday after he crashed into another car.

He’s in jail and his vehicle was towed, so why is this repeat offender still an issue for police? He’s going to be released again soon, and police decided to go to the local media and ask them to send out a notice: if you see this man driving, please call him in.

That’s the problem with repeat drunk drivers in California. Unless you lock down their vehicle with an ignition interlock and they are forced to blow into it every time they start the car, they might just decide to drive again whenever the mood strikes them. Apparently this man felt the mood strike him over and over again.

It’s hard to believe someone could become a three time repeat drunk driver in a matter of a week, but it just goes to show, anything’s possible when you drink and drive.

Friday Fallout: Can You Bribe Your Way Out Of A DUI Arrest?

DUI ArrestWhen a police officer makes a DUI arrest, there’s no room for error. Each step of the process has to be detailed and properly documented in order for a possible arrest to stand up in a court of law. There’s no room for negotiation on the part of the offender either, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying.

One offender in Cobb County, Georgia decided that, despite the fact that he was drunk behind the wheel and just arrested for drunk driving, it could still be his lucky day. He was arrested in a church parking lot after he was pulled over by the police. When the officer looked inside the car he saw open alcohol, and the driver exhibited signs of being drunk.

Instead of complying when asked to perform field sobriety tests, the offender ran away. Police caught up with him and it took five officers to hold him down, but they finally managed to get him in the back of a squad car. That’s when he began negotiations to get out of his DUI arrest.

He offered the police officer one million dollars if they would release him. When that didn’t work, the offender also offered to shoot the officer in the back of the head. That didn’t go over so well either: he’s now been charged with DUI, making terrorist threats, bribery, and other offenses.

Just for the DUI arrest he’ll pay stiff fines, lose his driver’s license for a period of time, and if he’s lucky and he’s a first time Georgia offender, he’ll be able to access the new ignition interlock restricted license available to some drunk drivers.

This offender could chalk his behavior and attempted bribery up to being drunk, but it doesn’t matter how he reasons it because he’s in big trouble either way. Everyone can learn a lesson from this offender: DUI and bribery don’t mix any more than drinking and driving do, so you might want to avoid both.

Friday Fallout: Can You Get A DUI On These “Vehicles?”


A vehicle is something that gets you from point A to point B, but not all vehicles are going to be looked at as equal when a police officer suspects you of drunk driving. Cars, trucks, vans, eBikes, and ride on lawnmowers all have one thing in common: you can receive a drunk driving charge on any of those vehicles because they’re motorized. Even if you’re considered to be in physical control of that motorized vehicle and you’re not actually driving it, you can still be charged with DWI or DUI.

Other vehicles, like a bicycle or a horse, fall into a grey area. A horse is not a motor vehicle, but that doesn’t stop some states from charging you with drunk driving on a horse if you’re pulled over on one. One man in Kentucky was charged for drunk driving on a horse, and another man from Colorado was charged for both drunk driving and animal cruelty because he was riding his horse while drunk.

But lawmakers in Minnesota don’t consider a horse to be a motor vehicle, and if you’re found on one and you’re drunk, you won’t be charged with drunk driving. That doesn’t mean you get off free and easy. While a police officer may not legally be able to hand you a drunk driving charge, you could still be charged with public intoxication.

Drunk driving, no matter if it’s on a horse, golf cart, lawn mower, or car, is a really bad idea. If you’re ever in a position where you need a ride, choose a cab or a ride share instead of choosing a vehicle. You’ll be safe and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be stopped for drunk driving.

Arrested For Drunk Driving? Punching The Dog Won’t Help

arrested for drunk driving When you see police lights in your rear-view mirror and you’ve been out on the town and had a few drinks, there is really only have one good course of action: you need to pull over, speak to the officer, and submit to a breathalyzer if asked. If you blow over .08, you should accept the fact that you’re about to be arrested for drunk driving and go along with what the officer asks of you.

That’s the complete opposite of what one man in Santa Rosa, California just did when he was about to be arrested for DUI. He was driving around 8 pm when he crashed into a bunch of parked cars and left the scene. Thankfully someone witnessed everything, and they followed him until police showed up.

The driver ran out of his car and into a nearby home when he spotted police, but when the officer gave chase and tried to grab him, he turned around and punched him several times in the face and threw a vase at his head. The officer managed to get handcuffs on the man, and then he hit a button that opened his K9 door. When his dog approached and began biting the offender on the leg, the man began hitting the dog with his hands, even though they were handcuffed.

He was arrested for drunk driving, and he received several other charges including felony assault on the police officer and misdemeanor assault on the dog. Because he was arrested in California he’ll also be subject to fines, driver’s license suspension, and he may be required to install an ignition interlock in any vehicle he drives for a period of time.

This is the perfect example of what not to do when you spot those lights and hear the siren behind you. Another thing you might not want to do? Drink and drive in the first place.

Another One Of Those Crazy Drunk Driving Stories From Florida

crazy drunk driving stories florida

Image from Citrus River Sheriff Office Facebook page

Florida: home to 12 months of sunshine, balmy weather, and some really crazy drunk driving stories. Take one drunk driver who was arrested outside one of the biggest tourist events in Crystal River, Florida as an example. You won’t be surprised when you hear how his story ended.

Paul Wilkins was driving drunk just outside Citrus River’s yearly Pirate Fest. Because it’s a large event police were on the scene, and he drove his vehicle straight into a traffic control point. That’s when things got a little strange, because he drove through a bunch of traffic cones, struck a detective’s vehicle, pushed it thirty feet, and crashed it straight into the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) brand new patrol car.

The irony of the situation? The patrol car he crashed into has “Don’t drink and drive” and “A Cop or a Cab, you decide” emblazoned on its side. The car was clearly displayed amid flashing lights and other patrol cars as part of a set up by police that night, and the CCSO thought it was a teachable moment, and because crazy drunk driving stories should be shared, they posted the story on their Facebook page.

Thankfully this is one crazy drunk driving story that had a funny ending; most of them do not. What Florida really needs to stop these drunk drivers is an all offender ignition interlock law, but that may not be happening anytime soon. Two bills presented to require all drunk drivers to install an ignition interlock have died in the judiciary committee, and only time will tell if they are brought back in some shape or form.

Until Florida has the means to crack down on their drunk driving population, they’re going to have trouble with drunk drivers like these. In this case only an anti-drunk driving patrol car was damaged, but it could have ended badly for everyone there that night.

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