Budweiser And Lyft Partner So You Aren’t Arrested For Drunk Driving

arrested for drunk driving There are a lot of different reasons why people make the decision to drive drunk. Alcohol may give someone a false sense of courage and they may feel invincible, as though they getting arrested for drunk driving is something that only happens to other people. Or, they might drink and drive because they just don’t care about drunk driving laws and the penalties that come with them.

But a large majority of people say they drink and drive because they don’t have any other way home, and faced with the prospect of taking a bus or expensive cab, they decide to take their chances and drive. That decision ends in tragedy more often than you think, and that’s why Budweiser and Lyft have partnered up again to tackle the problem of drunk driving.

Budweiser has re-launched their popular “Give a Damn. Don’t Drive Drunk” campaign, and they’d like to see people drink responsibly and still get home safely by offering a deal on Lyft rides. Lyft, a ride sharing company, will provide rides every weekend for the rest of the 2017 on weekends and holidays, and the rides will be offered in several states including Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

If you’d like to plan your ride home and avoid getting arrested for drunk driving yourself, all you have to do is login to Facebook or Instagram each Thursday by two pm and obtain a ride code. That ride code will give you a $20 credit on Lyft, $10 each for two one-way rides, and you can use your coupon between five pm and five am Thursday to Saturday.

You might not want to make a plan for a ride home a few days ahead of time, but it’s the best way for you, your friends, and for anyone on the road with you to stay safe as the we all head into the busy holiday season.

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