Walk Like MADD Tampa Friday Evening: 11 Years of the Good Fight

Tampa-walk-like-maddThe army that battles drunk driving has many outposts. One of the most stalwart of them is the Tampa, Florida branch of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This Friday evening, 23 March, the office will hold the 11th annual Tampa Walk Like MADD, one of the oldest and longest-running MADD walking events in the nation.

The walk will take place on the main campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa. Participants are encouraged to obtain sponsorship from employers, friends, and family members to raise money for MADD’s activities. Companies can create teams, and other sponsors generously donate to the cause.

The funds go to further MADD’s goals:

  • Raise awareness of impaired driving and its costs to society
  • Promoting more effective anti-drunk driving legislation, including ignition interlock laws and high-visibility law enforcement
  • Helping victims cope with the effects of drunk driving crashes

This year’s event is presented by Burnetti PA, and the event’s honorary chairman is Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister.  Sheriff Chronister, who oversees one of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies, is dedicated to eradicating impaired driving.


Hillsborough Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Morrell

The 2018 Tampa Walk Like MADD is dedicated to Hillsborough Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Morrell, who died of cancer last summer. A MADD supporter and a larger-than-life character, Larry worked on the DUI enforcement unit, taking a unique approach to educating students about drinking, and also schooling bartenders and store clerks in not selling to underage and impaired patrons. MADD named him Florida Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2016.  The award is now called the “Deputy Larry Morrell Law Enforcement Officer of the Year”.

Law enforcement officers will be walking to show their support for MADD’s Campaign to End Drunk Driving. There will also be victims’ families and friends, and many well-wishers and those who simply see drunk driving as a serious problem that needs eradication.

“MADD is needed. MADD is necessary. MADD is relevant,” says Larry Coggins, Jr, Executive Director of the West Central Florida branch of MADD. “ MADD has singlehandedly changed the American culture to recognize that drunk driving is unacceptable, 100% preventable, and is a violent crime.”

Since its inception MADD has helped reduce drunk fatalities from 25,000 per year to just over 10,000, but Coggins sees the success as incomplete until that number is zero. That is the reason for the 11th Annual Tampa Walk Like MADD.  If you’re in or near Tampa and you think No More Victims is a goal worth pursuing, you know where to be this Friday evening.

Tampa Walk Like MADD
Where: University of South Florida
Registration: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Walk: 6:30pm – 8pm

More information about the event can be found here.

DWI Flags Symbolize Drunk Drivers In North Carolina

drunk drivers in North CarolinaStopping drunk drivers in North Carolina has been a long-standing problem, and getting the anti-drunk driving message out is a constant struggle for organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). But one organization is taking a unique approach that they hope can fly in the face of drivers everywhere, and it involves around three thousand waving flags.

Charlotte, North Carolina is home of Mecklenburg County, and in Mecklenburg County is Randolph Road. When you drive down Randolph Road this April, you’ll be greeted with 3,093 flags that will wave in the wind and bring awareness to the problem of stopping drunk drivers in North Carolina.

The flags were placed by Anuvia, an alcohol treatment center. Why that specific number of flags? It represents the exact number of people charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) last year in Mecklenburg County. Thankfully that number is down 18% from the year before, otherwise drivers would be seeing 3,765 flags waving.

Along with bringing awareness to the difficulty of stopping drunk drivers in North Carolina, the flags should also be a reminder of the drunk driving penalties in the state. North Carolina penalizes drivers based on “levels.” The judge makes the decision on what level you’ll be penalized at by assessing your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest, what your current driving record is, and what the circumstances of your DWI are.

Depending on the situation you could receive jail time, stiff fines, and you may be required to install an ignition interlock if you’d like to reinstate your driver’s license privileges while your license is suspended.

Anuvia is taking a unique approach to stopping drunk drivers in North Carolina, and that’s exactly what’s needed when you’re trying to fight back again drunk driving. If you see the flags, be sure to honk in support of ending drunk driving.

Drunk Driving Crash Victims Remembered By MADD

drunk-driving-victims-MADDThere’s no question that drunk driving kills thousands of people each and every year. The crashes they are involved in are published on the Internet, in newspapers, and on TV, but it’s still very easy for people to just glance over the news and never put together the fact that a living, breathing person lost their life to something as senseless as drinking and driving.

That’s why Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) decided to honor their 35th anniversary with a National Day of Remembrance in Torrance, California. Held recently, the event was to remember anyone who has been killed or injured in a driving under the influence (DUI) or drugged driving crash as well as anyone killed or injured due to underage drinking.

It’s hard to believe Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been around for 35 years. Formed in 1980, it was founded at a time when 25,000 people were killed by drunk drivers every year. That number has now been cut in half, but the organization won’t rest until alcohol-related injuries and death are a thing of the past.

Although one of their mandates is to provide support for victims of drunk driving, the organization also reaches out to the public about the dangers of drinking and driving and underage drinking. It’s through events like the National Day of Remembrance that they remind people they are an organization that’s there for everyone who needs them.

During the National Day of Remembrance event there was a moment of silence, and that moment was followed by a reminder from MADD: anyone who needs support after experiencing injury or the death of a loved one due to DUI can find that support through MADD. They’ve been there for victims for 35 years, and although it’s reassuring that they will be there in the future, it would be far better if no one ever died due to drinking and driving again.

New Location: Precision Auto Repair of Hudson Massachusetts

Precision Auto Repair of Hudson Massachusetts - the place to get your Guardian InterlockFast and friendly service what brings customers to Precision Auto Repair of Hudson Massachusetts. Motorists in the area who need an ignition interlock will find that Precision meets all their needs. This locally-owned shop is the latest member of the Guardian family, offering installation, monitoring, calibration, and all interlock-related services.

Precision Auto’s 3 bays are waiting to accommodate your car. They service all makes and models, and do all mechanical repairs and maintenance. Motorists from Bolton, Berlin, Marlborough, Foxborough and other surrounding towns choose Precision Auto because of their well-known expertise and courtesy.

Louie Thomas of Precision Auto Repair of Hudson Massachusetts - a Guardian Interlock LocationLouie Thomas, the owner, will install and service your Guardian interlock, and teach you how to use it so that you can stay on the road legally and safely. An expert mechanic with knowledge of every kind of automotive electrical system, Louie will answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need to complete your interlock program successfully.

Precision Auto Repair is located across the street from Lowe’s hardware. If you need an ignition interlock in Hudson Massachusetts or the surrounding area, or if you want more information, call 1.800.499.0994 or go here. Louie will be waiting for you.

New Location:
Trailer Hitch Depot of Beaumont, Texas

Trailer-Hitch-Depot-logo-lgThere is a difference between getting the job done and getting the job done right. Trailer Hitch Depot of Beaumont, Texas has been doing the job right since 1997. That’s why we are proud to welcome Trailer Hitch Depot as the newest Guardian Interlock service provider, offering installation, monitoring, calibration, and all aspects of ignition interlock service.

Trailer Hitch Depot’s owner and staff have a total of 100 years of experience at everything to do with towing.  In addition to being experts at helping customers select and attach the right kind of hitch for safe and efficient towing, they offer truck bumpers, truck lighting, nerf bars, fender  flares, truck trailers, and a full line of accessories.  Customers come from Port Arthur, Lumberton, Groves, Nederland, and towns and cities throughout the Gulf area to take advantage of the Depot’s top-flight service.

Trailer-Hitch-Depot-Guardian-Interlock-locationWilliam Westbrooks, the owner, is onsite daily to oversee all installations. The shop offers the same expertise taking care of your ignition interlock needs as they do with all their offerings. They’ll get you on the road expertly and efficiently.

If you need an ignition interlock in Beaumont Texas or anywhere in the Texas Gulf, call 1.800.499.0994 or go here to make an installation appointment or obtain more information.

New Guardian Interlock Location:
Metro Sound of Huntington Beach CA

Metro-Sound-LogoDrivers looking for the finest in audio technology and workmanship in Orange County take their cars to Metro Sound in Huntington Beach, California. For 20 years this shop has been offering top-flight service for all kinds of car accessories – stereos, alarms, tinting, mobile video, keyless entry, and more. Now this respected shop is providing ignition interlock service for all Guardian Interlock customers.

20 Years of Top-Tier Service

Metro-Sound-V-For-VictoryAll of your ignition interlock needs can be taken care of in one location: you can go to Metro for installation, monitoring, calibration, and training. Their experienced personnel will answer all your questions and make sure that your interlock is road-ready.  They’ll also communicate with state authorities to ensure that all the relevant information is passed on – something you’ll be happy to take off your to-do list.

Metro Sound’s owner, Sal Hasan, is an industry veteran who has worked hard to earn a reputation for going that extra mile for his customers. He’ll work hard for you too.

Metro-Sound-ShowroomMetro Sound has 3 bays, and can handle 3 to 4 cars at a time. Six well-trained technicians are on hand to perform any kind of installation on any make or model of car. Customers from Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, and other surrounding Orange County localities regularly find their way to Metro Sound to get the most attentive service and the most up-to-date technology. Guardian customers who show up for installation or regular monitoring will know that their vehicle is in solid professional hands.

If you need an interlock and you’re in the Huntington Beach area, go here to book your installation, or call  1.800.499.0994 for more information or an appointment. There’s no faster, safer or more affordable way to get back into the driver’s seat.

New Guardian Interlock Location:
McFadden Service Center, Laurel, MD

A 21st birthday is a major event in any life – even that of an auto repair shop. Recently McFadden Service Center in Laurel, Maryland celebrated 21 years in business by becoming Guardian Interlock’s newest provider in the state. Since 1993 James Copeland has been providing a full array of automotive services in his shop, which is located in the “dead center” of Laurel at 141 Bowie Road. Customers come from nearby Columbia, Savage, and Fort Meade as well.

In addition to a full mcfadden-service-center-site-roster of ignition interlock (car breathalyzer) services – installation, training, monitoring, calibration and de-installation – the McFadden Service Center provides engine and transmission repair, as well as tuneups and brake work – “everything but body work.”

The shop offers six bays and five technicians, and services all vehicle makes and models.What makes McFadden Service Center special? “Me,” says owner James Copeland. “I’m not going to lie to you – everybody knows me.” And everybody in Laurel will attest that Copeland is as honest as they come.

If you’re in the vicinity of Laurel, Maryland and looking for an ignition interlock, weMcFadden-Service-Center-Interior invite you to pick up the phone and call 1-800-499-0994 or go here to make an appointment at McFadden Service Center, the newest member of the Guardian Interlock family.

Between their 21 years of experience satisfying customers and Guardian’s reputation for service, affordability and top-flight engineering, you’ll be on the road to success in no time.

New Location:
Guardian Interlock of Sunrise, Florida

If getting an ignition interlock installed is on your to-do list, and you’re in Broward County, Florida, you’re all set. Guardian Interlock has just opened their newest location in Sunrise, Florida.

Guardian-Sunrise-ExteriorLocated right on the Sawgrass Expressway, Guardian of Sunrise serves Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Parkland, and other neighboring cities and towns. It’s a full-service provider, offering installation, monitoring, training and removal – all of your ignition interlock needs taken care of in one location.

Of course, this location will also communicate with Florida state authorities to make sure your requirements are being met, so you don’t have to. At Guardian, we take care of the details so you can regain your driving privileges affordably, reliably and quickly.

Guardian Interlock - Sunrise, FloridaThe head technician at Guardian of Sunrise, Ian McMurry, is an expert in automotive electrical systems, an industry veteran with 20 years’ experience in the interlock field. That means that whatever make or model car you have, Guardian will be able to provide an expert installation and get you on the road fast.

Need an ignition interlock in Broward County? Go here to book your installation, or call 1.800.499.0994 for more information or an appointment.

New Guardian Interlock Location:
Frank’s Auto Body & Detail, Perham, MN

At Guardian Interlock we are delighted to welcome a new interlock provider to our family: Frank’s Auto Body & Detail of Perham, Minnesota. Customers in Perham and surrounding areas will be able to have their ignition interlock installed, serviced, monitored and removed at this location.

Guardian Ignition Interlock provider Frank's Auto Body and Detail
Frank’s might be new to Guardian, but they are no strangers in the area. For 45 years the shop has been delivering first-class service to residents of Perham and surrounding towns: Detroit Lakes, New York Mills, Wadena, Cougar Falls, and others. In fact, the shop serves customers in a 60-mile radius. “We get them from all over,” says proprietor Brian Holzer.

ignition interlocks save livesHolzer is the son of the original owner. Frank’s is a family business, now employing six technicians who take care of a wide variety of automotive needs apart from ignition interlocks: collision repair, glass, detailing, accessories, and more.

Frank’s has no less than 15 bays to ensure prompt service.

What sets Frank’s Auto Body & Detail apart? “Quality and repeat business,” is Brian’s answer. More than one generation of drivers has gone to Frank’s for auto repair needs and come away happy that they did. We know that Frank’s will offer Guardian Interlock customers the same high level of courteous service and technical excellence.

To schedule your ignition interlock installation in Perham, Minnesota at Frank’s Auto Body & Detail, just call 800-499-0994 or go here.

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