Florida Drunk Drivers Don’t Normally Call Themselves In

Florida drunk driversPolice catch Florida drunk drivers all the time. Anyone who is inclined to get behind the wheel drunk has a strong likelihood of getting caught as soon as they hit the open road, and if police don’t stop these people, other drivers may call them in too.

There’s also the possibility that the drunk driver will call himself in. Or, at least, that’s what happened on New Year’s Eve in Winter Haven, Florida. It’s hard to believe, but this drunk driver decided to pick up the phone and call the police dispatch when he couldn’t figure out where he was.

The audio recording was shared on the Winter Haven Police Department’s Facebook page. The drunk driver said that he was driving but was too drunk and didn’t know where he was. He said he was driving a red truck, and while the dispatcher directed him to pull over to the side of the road, he said he’s parked near the police department but so far, nothing was happening.

It’s strange enough that he called and that he pulled over and was waiting for the police, but as he waited he changed his mind and told the dispatcher, ‘I think I am going to get something to eat, they can just catch up with me later.’

Long story short, he tried to leave his location but the dispatcher managed to zero in on him and police arrived. They found him on the wrong side of the road, without a seat belt, and with previous convictions for Florida DUI as well as drug charges.

Like other Florida drunk drivers, he’s been charged with DUI and will face criminal charges in court. Unlike other drunk drivers in the state, he managed to get caught for drunk driving without getting pulled over at a checkpoint, without getting pulled over for driving erratically, and without getting called in by a concerned citizen. He did it all on his own.

In this case the police department was happy no one was hurt, and if you follow their Facebook page, you can tell they thought it was pretty funny. That’s understandable, because most Florida DUI arrests don’t end that way.

Parenting Fail: Mom Charged With DWI With Child In Back Seat

family in carNo one should ever drink and drive, but if you’re determined to do so, the least you can do is leave your children at home. This is a message that most parents should easily understand, but you’d be amazed at how many decide that getting charged with DWI is not a big deal with or without their kids along. One Santa Fe, New Mexico mother was just charged with DWI for a second time after she crashed her van. That’s bad enough, but she had a young child along with her too.

Police arrived on the scene of a crash after someone reported a driver who drove into a parking lot barrier at a MacDonald’s restaurant. When they arrived they found a woman in her underwear lying across the seats and there was blood splattered everywhere. The van windows were rolled down and it was below freezing, and an open container of alcohol lay on the floor. There was also a child strapped into a car seat in the back.

That paints a pretty grisly image, so it’s hard to understand why this offender wasn’t happy for the help when police showed up. When paramedics cleaned her up she yelled at police officers, and they had to obtain a warrant to do a blood draw. She was arrested, charged with DWI, and also received a third-degree felony count of child abuse. Her child has been placed with relatives, and she’s going to face the consequences of her second DWI arrest.

In New Mexico that means stiff penalties. She could spend up to one year in jail, pay up to $1,000 in fines, and attend an alcohol evaluation. She’ll also lose her driver’s license for two years, and she’ll be required to drive with an ignition interlock for two years.

The penalties for her DWI in New Mexico might be hard for her to deal with, but what’s much harder to process is that she put a child in grave danger. It’s a good lesson for any parent who has wondered whether or not to drink and drive the kids home. Putting your child in the car with you after you’ve been drinking is never a good idea.

Clearly Someone Likes the New Utah Drunk Driving Law

new-utah-drunk-driving-bacLawmakers in Utah knew they faced an uphill battle when they changed the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from the US standard of .08 to .05. They would acknowledge that there have been loud detractors to the new Utah drunk driving law, but the overwhelming response to the new BAC has been positive.

Now they have even more proof that it was a good step in the right direction. Thanks to the new Utah drunk driving law, the state will receive the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. The award will recognize everyone involved in changing the BAC including the Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Department of Public Safety, the Utah Legislature, and the Governor.

Representatives have to travel all the way to England to receive the award, and when they are in Europe they’ll realize that having a .05 legal BAC isn’t that unusual after all. Most European countries, with the exception of England, have their legal BAC set at .05. Scotland has even had a .05 BAC since 2014.

This award is coming at a time when opponents to Utah’s drunk driving law are becoming more vocal. The deadline for the change is December 30th, 2018, and some groups have gone as far as taking out ads in newspapers in an attempt to have the ad repealed.

The problem? Their argument that the .05 BAC unfairly targets moderate drinkers instead of dangerous drunk drivers doesn’t stand up. It’s a fact that any amount of alcohol can affect your driving skills, so even if you’ve only had one or two drinks, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car. The .05 blood limit enforces that fact, and the ultimate benefit of the BAC change will be in how the public perceives drinking and driving.

If someone knows a single drink could mean their BAC is close to or at .05, they might think twice about putting the keys in the ignition. That change in perception could save lives, and saving lives is the goal of any state drunk driving law.

Time will show: Utah is ahead of the curve with their new BAC. Hopefully the rest of the US will follow.


Police Officer Saved Her. Then He Arrested Her For Florida Drunk Driving

Florida drunk driving Florida is one of those states where, despite the best efforts, police still struggle with drunk drivers. Florida drunk driving is so bad that police have seen DUI golf cart crashes leading to death, parents getting called in for DUI by their kids, and naked drunk drivers who clearly couldn’t stand the heat and humidity.

But one recent Florida drunk driving arrest may just top them all, and that’s because a police officer had to move quickly between saving a life and arresting that very same person for drunk driving.

Thanks to video capture on a dashcam, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper can be seen approaching a vehicle in Naples, Florida late one night. The car had driven onto the shoulder of a busy interstate, and you can hear him asking the driver to wake up through the glass of the window.

When she wouldn’t wake up the officer broke the window and checked her pulse. Finding her lifeless, he pulled her from the car and began to administer CPR until she was breathing again. She was sent to the hospital via ambulance, and when they took her blood alcohol content (BAC) they found she was at .039.

With a BAC that high, she was at the lethal level for alcohol poisoning. That’s most likely why she was unresponsive and her heart stopped, and she’s extremely fortunate someone found her in that condition and brought her back to life. Once she’d recovered the police officer handed her charges for Florida drunk driving.

It just goes to show that some drunk drivers don’t have a clue how drunk they are before they drive a car. Not everyone in that condition would pull over on the side of the road before they lost consciousness, and although she’ll now face the fines, penalties, and driver’s license suspension associated with a Florida drunk driving charge, it is thanks to that arrest that she’s alive today.

Like Strange Drunk Driving Stories? Try Burger King On For Size

strange drunk driving burger kingThere were a lot of strange drunk driving cases in 2017, and many of them involved McDonald’s drive-thru restaurants. It seems like the place to be when you want a snack after a night out, and people don’t mind driving drunk to get there.

But one man in Galesburg, Illinois decided he wanted Burger King instead of McDonalds after a night out, and he wanted to do a little identity theft too. This strange drunk driving story began when he showed up at the restaurant just before one am. Witnesses promptly called him into the police after he was spotted driving erratically in the parking lot. Police arrived just after he almost hit a pedestrian and crashed his car.

When they asked him what his name was, he said it was “Burger King.” In addition to him giving offering up such an odd and obvious name, police noted that he smelt of alcohol and had glassy eyes.

Unlike the real Burger King, this driver wasn’t happy to assist anyone. He refused to cooperate with the police, and when medical assistance arrived, he used racial slurs to try to get rid of them. He was so steadfast in his refusal to cooperate that police had to pick him up and carry him to the police station, and he promised them that Donald Trump was coming to beat them up.

This strange drunk driving case doesn’t end with this man being jailed either. He was sent to the hospital for assessment and he told the doctors that another doctor was coming to give him a million dollars. When he was sent back to jail he told the police officers that they were Satan worshipers.

All in all, it was clear that the man who claimed to be Burger King was actually just really drunk. He was charged with driving under the influence in Illinois, reckless driving, and resisting arrest.

It’s another strange drunk driving story in a year of strange drunk driving stories, and it goes to show what some people will do when they are caught drunk behind the wheel.

Yes, That’s Santa Arresting The Abominable Snowman For DUI In Oregon

arrested for dui in oregon The weather outside is frightful, and so are the conditions on the roads in Oregon state. That’s where, according a news release by St.Helens Police Department, a strange white creature that goes by the name of Abominable T. Snowman was arrested for DUI in Oregon.

It sounds like a tall tale, but it’s not a plot you’ll see in any holiday movie. Abominable T. Snowman was arrested for drunk driving by an honorary police officer named Officer Claus. Apparently Officer Claus is an elusive officer who only appears during the busiest drunk driving season of the year. This year he managed to nab his prime suspect after he made the poor choice to drive while over the legal limit.

He admitted to driving home after a party where he imbibed too many glasses of peppermint schnapps, and Mr.Snowman was “arrested” on charges of DUI in Oregon. He was also charged with reckless driving. When asked what his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was at the time of arrest, Officer Claus stated that he was .16, double the legal limit.

arrested for DUI in OregonMr.Snowman was fingerprinted and sent to cool his heels in a jail cell, and the last anyone heard of him he was waiting for his court date to appear on DUI charges. Officer Claus made a stern statement in response to the arrest: “Mr. Snowman is very lucky that more serious property damage or injury to a pedestrian or fellow driver did not occur. However, his holiday season will be significantly less cheery this year as he faces potential jail time and fines. We hope that he can be a lesson to anyone that may consider drinking and driving during the holidays.”

Whether you’ve been drinking alcohol, using marijuana, or have ingested some other type of drug, it shouldn’t take the example of a mythical creature like Mr.Snowman to stop you from getting behind the wheel while impaired. That’s why the moral to this story is simple: the best way to stay safe during the most dangerous time of the year is to always drive sober.

Hard To Believe, But This Texas DWI Crash Caused By Firefighter

Epic fail sign - Texas DWI There’s not much that can be said when a public servant makes the choice to drink and drive. It’s hard to understand how, after witnessing the crashes when someone drives drunk, they could do it themselves. It’s common too, or at least it might seem that way after a recent Texas DWI crash involving an off-duty firefighter.

The Dallas-based firefighter, Horace Shaw III, was driving after drinking at a local restaurant. He was speeding when he drove over a hill and crashed into an SUV with two occupants: a pregnant teenage girl and her boyfriend. They were both ejected from the vehicle and the teen, Alyssa Pimental, died of her injuries. Her unborn baby died as well.

According to witnesses who were there after the crash, Shaw couldn’t walk straight. He declined to answer questions and was taken to jail. Since that time he’s been charged with intoxication manslaughter, and that means a stiff sentence for causing a Texas DWI crash.

An intoxication manslaughter charge in Texas is much more severe than a first or even second Texas DWI offense. This is a second-degree felony. The offender, whether that person is a public servant or just a citizen of Texas, may spend up to 20 years in prison. He could also have to pay up to $10,000 in fines, and he’ll have to perform community service as well.

The tragedy of this Texas DWI crash is that a mother and her unborn baby were killed, all because someone decided to drive drunk. It’s horrible that a firefighter caused it; a man who worked with the department for 12 years, because he should have known better. Someone on the front lines of a drunk and drugged driving should have realized what one or two drinks could do to their driving skills. If he had, this never would have happened.


Happy New Year From Guardian Interlock

happy new year 2017 is now in the history books, and 2018 is finally here. With a new year to begin, you might be considering new resolutions or just looking for a fresh new start. No matter what your goals or resolutions, Guardian Interlock would like to wish you the very best in this new year, and hope you find success in all that you do.

Happy New Year from Guardian Interlock!


Friday Fallout: Here’s Why Drunk Driving On New Year’s Eve Is A Bad Idea

drunk driving on New Year's EveDecember 31st is here again, and as 2017 fades away and a fresh new year begins, it’s important to look back, reflect, and count all of the things you could lose if you get caught drunk driving on New Year’s Eve. If listing your family, friends, job, and home isn’t enough, police want you to give you a few other reasons you might want to avoid drinking and driving.

Fresno police just announced they are bringing back a controversial California DUI program called bar watch. Bar watch places undercover police officers in different drinking establishments. These officers will keep an eye on bar patrons, and if they think someone is about to drink and drive, they’ll follow that person to their car and will stop them from getting in and driving.

The bottom line: they aren’t going to let anyone in Fresno drink and drive, and neither are the police in Macon, Georgia. Although it’s almost on the other side of the country, Macon police are also hosting an anti-DUI program called ‘Drive sober or get pulled over.’ It’s an initiative that many states have used to fight drunk driving, and police will be out in force to catch anyone drunk driving on New Year’s Eve.

They’re running the program from December 15th to January 2nd, 2018, and police across the entire state of Georgia will be on the roads looking for drunk drivers. They’re warning all Georgia drivers that if they do drink and drive, being on Santa’s naughty list will be the least of their worries. Instead of a cozy holiday with family, they could be spending time inside a jail cell.

Whether you’re drinking and driving in California or hitting the road under the influence in Georgia, these two programs show that, no matter where you are in the USA this New Year’s, your best option is to drive sober.

Social Host Laws Could Hold Craft Breweries Liable For Drunk Driver

social host laws Florida Social host laws are beginning to pop up in more states than ever. Depending on how it’s defined, the laws could cover anything from a parent purchasing alcohol and letting their teen drink at home to a nightclub not cutting someone off who is clearly over their limit.

There’s a case on the docket in Pinellas County Circuit Court, Florida right now that could have some significance for Florida social host laws. It may make defining responsibility more obvious when a drunk driver drinks too much at their establishment and drives on to kill someone.

The case involves Caroline Sine, a music teacher in Pinellas County. She was driving in August 2016 when her car was crashed into by Brice MacLeod. He had been out that night, drinking his way between a few craft breweries, and he left both places drunk. He was more than double the legal limit when he ran the red light and crashed into Sine.

Sine’s father filed a lawsuit alleging the two pubs he visited served him more than enough alcohol to get him drunk, and they didn’t stop him before he got behind the wheel. It also states that MacLeod was a frequent visitor to those establishments and he was addicted to alcohol.

As a repeat drunk driver, with a previous DUI conviction in 2006, he was past the point of the Florida lookback period. In Florida, a first DUI only has a lookback of five years before it will count against the offender for a second conviction. The fact that the lookback expired doesn’t mean he got off easy, because he’s been charged with DUI manslaughter, DUI, and DUI causing serious injury and is spending 14 years behind bars for it.

Whether the breweries will be held accountable for the death of Sine is up to a judge and jury, but it does cast a light on how social host laws are supposed to work. If you see someone drinking alcohol and they are clearly over the legal limit, it’s a no-brainer you should stop them from driving. If you’re the person serving them that alcohol, it’s even more important because it may be just as much your fault and it is theirs when they kill someone because of drunk driving.

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